Technology Modernization for Digitization – Part 1

Technology Modernization for Digitization – Part 1

When was the last time you saw a “Site temporarily down for maintenance” page? When was the last time you saw glitches with large-scale social media applications last for more than a few hours? When I was a kid, we used to have instances when the television channels would blackout for a couple of hours with weird noise that rings in my ears when I think about it. Though the memes around 90s kids and 2k kids sound funny the reality is that the technology is changing at a rapid phase. The transition from the 80s to 90s to 2k kids is phenomenal in terms of technology transformation.

As technology gets transformed, the end-user experiences and expectations also get transformed at the sub-conscious level and the organizations are forced to reinvent continuously. Gone are the days where you can invest in a legacy Mainframe or ERP application, roll it out and forget about the patronage for the next 10 years. Organizations are increasingly forced to reinvent from a technology perspective as every business is a digital business. Technology modernization is the underlying initiative for digital transformation and it involves organization-wide re-engineering and synchronization.

Technology modernization and digital transformation go hand in hand and they have to be oriented towards, enhancing customer experience, smart workforce management and process efficiency. To meet these objectives, the technology platforms and the organization got to be agile. Few major questions to be answered are:

1) Is there agility in the organizational technology ecosystem to meet new requirements and changes?

2) Is the organization’s thought process oriented towards design thinking with a focus on end-user empathy?

3) How open is the organization to accommodate and open for changes and challenges?

To summarize, it’s all about agility, design thinking and change management which lays the foundation for the technology modernization in sync with your digital transformation. Though they may look more of management or motivation terms they have underlying relevance to technology modernization.

Agility = A microservice architecture transformation from a monolithic architecture

Design thinking = UX oriented development with a focus on design thinking, prototyping and iterative development

Change management = Leverage tools for managing processes and operations.

In the following weeks, we will deep dive into each of those areas on how we can accomplish technology modernization to stay relevant in the days to come.

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