Job Site Delivery Management Application

How Job Site Delivery Management Application Helps Construction Industry – Overview

  • Delivery management is the function of appeal processes to secure goods are effectively and efficiently transferred from one location to the next. Sometimes called dispatch or fleet management.
  • Delivery management system that allows improving companies’ workflow by streamlining work processes for dispatchers, warehouse workers, and drivers.
  • Key Feature found in delivery management software
    1. Manage Delivery Requests
    2. Approve Deliveries
    3. Assign Equipment
    4. Upload Photos
    6. Notifications


Business Challenge

  • The main problem was the Lack of straight data flow between the company’s dispatchers, warehouse workers, and drivers.
  • Another requirement for the new tradition Logistics solution was to develop a solution that will ensure the safety of cargo and automate the route building process to make the delivery process more efficient and cost-saving.
  • In the construction industry, tracking on-demand materials to job sites is a terrible task


How we helped construction industry with delivery management application?

Solution Overview

  • To smoothen the service, we came up with a solution that helps in tracking materials to be delivered.
  • This jobsite delivery tracking application replaces the jobsite delivery board and allows contractors to collaboratively track and document the deliveries coming to job site.
  • As a result, our delivery management system and client can exchange all data related to products, inventory, customers, users, orders, warehouses, and trucks.
  • The availability of both mobile and desktop versions of the application allowed us to provide warehouse workers and drivers with the mobility necessary to increase work efficiency.
  • The application provides an option to upload photos, assign equipment to delivery sites, add comments for team members, and many more that helps contractors and subcontractors save time and work.




Market Size: Delivery Management Application for Construction Industry

Construction Management Software Market size was valued at USD 13882 Million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 28934 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 8.51% from 2022 to 2030.

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