AI Powered platform To Track Construction Site progress

AI Powered platform To Track Construction Site progress – Overview

  • Several businesses, like healthcare, e-commerce, financial services, etc., are operating at their fullest capacity in the modern world. Businesses have expanded rapidly due to the technology’s improved quality, security, and effectiveness.
  • However, it has been noted that the use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions is lagging in the engineering and construction industries. The value of the construction sector exceeds $10 trillion annually.
  • The growth of the construction business is significantly constrained because of the complicated problems it encounters. Dealing with issues including Labour shortages, cost and schedule overruns, health and safety concerns, and productivity can Revolutionise the sector.
  • The construction sector has enormous potential, and it is possible to increase its economic value to $1.6 trillion annually merely through digitization. AI in the construction industry can help bring about this change.

Smart Construction with AI

  • The use of Artificial intelligence in the construction sector is evolving. Exploiting the potential of the construction sector to new levels requires a focus on technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning at every stage of engineering and construction, from design to preconstruction to construction to operations and asset management.
  • The areas where Artificial intelligence in the construction industry is making a significant difference by completing work faster and more affordably.
  • Planning and designing sub-segment of construction are expected to benefit the most. In the global construction industry, the Europe market is anticipated to top the growth rate.
  • This technical change is expected to have a positive effect on all project stakeholders, including owners, contractors, and service suppliers. It is even more crucial for the construction industry to adapt to the digitization of the processes now that other neighbouring industries like transportation and manufacturing have already begun to function as an ecosystem.
  • The companies who upgrade the technology will benefit because the technological transition in the engineering and construction industry is still in its infancy. Construction organisations may confidently address current difficulties while avoiding mistakes in the past thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Examining the data relevant to modified orders, information requests, etc. becomes much more convenient and time-efficient with the application of statistical techniques of Machine learning in building Sector. This will assist in warning the project managers in advance about issues that require urgent attention. Additionally, safety monitoring may be carried out more effectively.

Measuring Site Progress

  • Construction companies will make use of webcams. These drones might wander the worksite alone to take 3D photos.
  • These images can really be inter using neural networks in relation to the data from the BIM and the materials bill of materials. This data is used by the engineers in charge of huge projects to track job progress. Additionally, it aids in the detection of qualitative faults and research pertaining financial data and timeframes.
  • It won’t be overstating things to suggest that robotics and artificial intelligence in the construction market are ensuring the ideal building projects are delivered while decreasing costs and Time.

How we Helped Construction Industry with our real-time progress tracking Tool.

Solution Overview

  • Snap photos of damaged property or materials.
  • Generate PDF reports for evidence, archives or later use.
  • Snap photos, add annotations, assign tasks, track photo location, get reports
  • Train AI models that can detect and track the progress made during construction and update the reports.
  • Document and take photos of buildings or structures.
  • Snap and markup photos for appraisals or insurance claims.
  • Produce daily reports at a construction site.
  • Capture and tag images for Custom Vision AI models.


Market size

AI in construction MarketsandMarkets expects the global market to grow from USD 329.3 Million in 2017 to USD 1,831.0 Million by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.1% during the forecast period.


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