Our Tentastic Moments at Yercaud - 10th Year Celebration of OptiSol

Our Tentastic Moments at Yercaud – 10th Year Celebration of OptiSol

Celebrating the success is a very important part of corporate culture. Every such celebration do add value to the colleagues and organization. This is such a kind of celebration.

Its a pleasure to share my experience after our two days (17th and 18th March’17) celebration of the Tentastic Event at Yercaud. It was planned to give vitality and enthusiasm to our team and also to blend with all our OptiSol colleagues across the branches for our 10th year anniversary. After receiving suggestion from different colleagues, eventually we had finalized the name for the event as “Tentastic” as it is a completion of 10 years celebration.

OptiSol Tentastic Invitation

As Yercaud is the place where it will be of equal distance from both the locations Chennai and Madurai, we had decided this spot of celebration. It was a challenging task for us to make the arrangements in a short period of 2 weeks but we managed to do and also enjoyed doing those arrangements and preparations for the great day.

To emerge the talent from our colleagues, We had planned for the Short Film, DubSmash and Memes competition across branches. Our guys fascinatingly engaged themselves in the activities by sharing their thoughts and views across the teams in the branch. It was a joyful moment for us to watch them behind the scenes shooting the film and Videos with lots of fun. We also experienced the team coordination and interaction between our colleagues.

Finally, the day arrived, on 16th March’17 night, We started from our Chennai Office and our Madurai team from Madurai to reach our destination Hotel Shevaroys, the resort at Yercaud. In the bus, we had experienced a good fun together and our guys enjoyed the night by dancing for the audio played to express their ecstatic juncture.

We reached the Resort Shevaroys on 17th March’17 morning and started our day by assembling in the conference hall after the BreakFast. Presented a warm welcome to all our colleagues across locations and divided into 4 teams with a team lead for the game activities.

By now, as we mingled each other with all our colleagues, felt as a single OptiSol Family…

We gathered in a beautiful greenish lawn in the resort and started our Game activities where we had Tug of War initially to prove our Physical Strengths. All the 4 teams played the game with their enthusiastic participants and the points were allotted and the winner was announced. Then we had a funny game called Lozano Balloon, where each member of the team had to carry a balloon at their back with the support of the other member. It was so humorous and a smashing game for team coordination.

Tug of War

OptiSol Tug of War

Lozano Balloon

After completing these two games, our teams felt exhausted and it was the time for lunch as well. We had a delicious lunch in the lawn with the menu of both Veg and Non-Veg yummy dishes. After the lunch, we went for the photo session of our OptiSol team by wearing our OptiSol T- Shirts. We had taken a snap of all our colleagues with the forest like atmosphere at the background. That was a proud moment for us to have the snap for the first time with all of us.

Further to the photo session we continued with our games of Dumb Charades and Treasure Hunt with our teams. At the end, we arrived the points scored from each game and the winner was announced as Team C lead by Sathishkumar.

Finally, we gathered in the conference hall in the delightful evening with our management Karthik, CEO and directors Jayakumar, Premkumar and Rajinikanth. For many of us, it was the first time to have a glimpse of all our 4 directors sitting next to each other.

We started the evening celebration with the presentation of recollecting the old memories of OptiSol. It was a splendid presentation from Dineshkumar M, our UI designer. Following that we did onscreen performance of DubSmash and Memes from our branches and our directors shortlisted the winner as Madurai branch colleagues.

Tentastic - Madurai Team Wining

Next we had the dazzling performance of dance events from our Guindy and Madurai branch. Here, we experienced an energetic and fabulous stage-show from our girls and guys. Hats off to them !!!!

Later, With the intention of giving honour to our senior colleagues we had arranged for the award ceremony for those who had completed more than 5 yrs of service with OptiSol and our directors really felt gratified to present the award to their colleagues. That was an inspiring moment for all of us.

OptiSol- Senior-Employees-Awards

Then it was the questioning session to our directors, we had a set of questions from our colleagues. Vijayrajan coordinated the session and they answered the questions honestly and unhesitatingly to us. By this, we wrapped up the evening celebration with the Cake Cutting as we had Dinner and Camp Fire to complete the day.

We enjoyed the Camp Fire and Dinner in the Lawn with the guys and girls dancing for the vibrant music played there. It was a mind-blowing night for us where we enjoyed our directors’ dance moments as well.

Next day, we had a hassle-free and breezy morning with the breakfast in the lawn as some of them were playing cricket, Shuttle and enjoyed their time. And we had short film displayed of all our branches and it was the moment for Chennai team to win the competition.

Chennai Team

And thus after our boundless amusement, it was undesirable for us to come to an end of the event after thanks giving and distribution of OptiSol bags to all our colleagues.

It was an incredibly overwhelming experience for everyone being a part of the grand event. The quality time we had with our colleagues during this Tentastic celebration will be in our memories inevitably.

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