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Whats Happening with Java MVC Frameworks
June 21, 2018

Whats happening with Java MVC frameworks

In our series of analysis on what’s happening with tech stacks, here is the next one on Java. #Whats happening with Java. The infographic gives an overview of Java MVC frameworks, trending patterns and the future prospects. Please share your insights.

PHP MVC Framework Infographic
May 30, 2018

What’s happening with PHP MVC Framework

What’s going on with PHP? There is an increasing patronage to open source frameworks and PHP is leading the pack. PHP is a wonderful choice to build MVPs, applications for Start-up’s and enterprise solutions. The MVC frameworks in PHP are scalable, secure and proven over time.

Demo of AI and Automation in action
April 23, 2018

Demo of AI and Automation in action

In this video, Karthic Chandran, our DataLabs Director describes the steps to create automation scripts and make them smart by adding an AI wrapper around it. It involves Record and Playback – Building Automation scripts & Adding an AI cognitive layer on top of Automation.

ChatBots Whitepaper
April 20, 2018

Chatbots as a Channel of Digital Strategy for Organizations

Chatbots, a conversational agent are applications that communicate with real human via text for purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction via web-based or standalone. Bots are built to automatically engage with received messages and programmed to respond same way each time or differently to messages containing certain keywords or even to use machine learning … Continue reading “Chatbots as a Channel of Digital Strategy for Organizations”

HackitOBS – Hackathon event at OptiSol
March 15, 2018

HackitOBS – Hackathon event at OptiSol Chennai as a part of Digital Innovation center Inauguration

Great Initiative!!! From team OptiSol It is a long time wish of OptiSol directors to run a Hackathon event at the premises and the spark become fire when the Digital Innovation center Inauguration plan has in place. It has been handed over to the Engineering team. It is a very big hack first to the … Continue reading “HackitOBS – Hackathon event at OptiSol Chennai as a part of Digital Innovation center Inauguration”

Pongal Celebration at OptiSol
January 16, 2018

Pongal Celebration at OptiSol

Thanks for all your support and coordination to have the fruitful celebration for “Pongal” We had an enthusiastic celebration of our Traditional festival Pongal. Its very nice to have our colleagues dressed up in an ethnic wear with dhoties and sarees and it made the event lively. The Game “Uriyadi” @Vadapalani replicates our customs, it … Continue reading “Pongal Celebration at OptiSol”

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