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Machine learning technique to Detect Animal Health Anomalies – Overview

  • It is only natural that the pet health industry will undergo the same upheaval as the health care industry does as it moves more and more into the digital world.
  • Almost every element of a pet’s health may now be monitored by owners because of technology and cognitive wearable health platforms.
  • By making the hidden visible with the help of smart pet technology, we can improve care for animals.
  • Technology can aid in our understanding of the connections between nutrition and health by analyzing the health of pets over time, assessing the effects of their diet, and monitoring alterations in their health.
  • smartwatch you can wear Many of us are familiar with technologies because they’ve been for a long time. These devices enable us to track and keep track of personal health data such heart rate, activity level, and sleep.
  • Recently, similar technology was changed for animal use. Wearables that fasten to a collar can also be used to check up on our pet’s movement, rest, and sleep patterns..
  • By focusing focus on health behaviours, we can measure the signs of conditions like dermatitis and examine how behavior like scratching evolve in response to certain diets.
  • In order for owners to adopt the proper dietary measures, such as switching to special food from suppliers like Hill’s Pet Foods, early diagnosis of skin problems may be assisted by using smart pet technologies to quantify actions like scratching or shaking.
  • Smart technology can still provide data and even give veterinarians a more comprehensive picture of a pet’s health while the pet parent is not at home.

Benefits of Pet Health monitoring system

  • The better treatment success rate
  • May prevent a more serious condition
  • Less expensive than later treatment/support
  • Result in a better quality of life for the pet
  • Extends a pet’s life expectancy

How we developed ML Based Health Monitoring System to Detect Animal Health Anomalies?

  • Our client approached us with a vision of combining her love for cats with technology. She wanted to provide the best possible care for the animals and ensure that they are healthy whilst in her care.
  • We decided to design and build the IoT boards ourselves so that we could ensure the hardware best suited the software.
  • We then integrated the boards into the cloud. We monitor the core details of the cats and their activity throughout the day and night.
  • This data is fed into cloud storage where it is processed by both ML and statistical models to assess animal health.
  • General information is displayed to the Client’s staff on iPads and is also available through Alexa. Anomalies are reported on for further decision-making by management.

Architecture Diagram.


Market size: Pet health monitoring

The global pet wearable market size was valued at USD 2.07 billion in 2021 and is projected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% from 2022 to 2030.


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