How to overcome cultural differences with offshore

How to overcome cultural differences with offshore


How To Overcome Cultural Differences With Offshore - OptiSol Business

Outsourcing to Co-sourcing – 5 Point guide to transition

1.Tools: Leverage digital tools for task management, project tracking, communication and collaboration. At OptiSol, we are driven by tools like Pivotal Tracker, InvisionApp, Worksnap, Slack, Github, CI & CD tools that give absolute transparency in execution.

2.Communication: Ensure that there is at least a couple of hours overlap in regular working hours. Be conscious on workflow adaptation to accommodate small overlap in time and use video calling over Skype or other tools.

3.Culture: Value and align the culture and methodology approach across the teams. Accept there is a cultural difference and be sensitive to differences. Create bonds between the internal and offshore team for effective outcomes in the project. The offshore team should be an extended team than an outsourced team.

4.Continuous Evaluation: Evaluate the vendor’s skills from an engineering perspective and process orientation. Periodically monitor the root cause of the quality issues faced.

5.Empowerment: Understand and clearly communicate the needs and responsibilities on either side. Empower teams to own their end-to-end delivery.

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