HackitOBS – Hackathon event at OptiSol Chennai as a part of Digital Innovation center Inauguration - OptiSol

HackitOBS – Hackathon event at OptiSol Chennai as a part of Digital Innovation center Inauguration

Great Initiative!!! From team OptiSol

It is a long-time wish of OptiSol directors to run a Hackathon event at the premises and the spark become fire when the Digital Innovation center Inauguration plan has in place. It has been handed over to the Engineering team.

It is a very big hack first to the engineering team that all of them have known the word #Hackathon but we never knew about its categories and the elements involved, all we have got is 15 min session from an expert.

From there we have started the journey and we have chosen the product idea as a category for this Hackathon and named the event “Hack it OBS” and send the invite to the organization since this is the first time and we want this to happen within our organization.

It was an unbelievable response from the OptiSolites that we had received 14 team registrations and a total of 60 members participated in the event. We gave them the guidelines as that the topic can be chosen from the team.

OptiSolites - Hackathon Events

The topics registered were

1) NLP based chatbot for the Industrial use (1 Team)
2) Employee encouragement using Cryptocurrency through an Initial Coin Offering(ICO) (1 Team)
3) Woman safety and Child abuse prevention App (2 Teams)
4) Smart Office – Managing office space electric devices through Surveillance camera IoT (1 Team)
5) Face Recognition and Face Learning – Create Model for train and recognizing face using Machine Learning (1 Team)
6) Face It – Face Recognition and training using Tensorflow library (1 Team)
7) Salient Detection in Images – Bring the clarity on Images from their source of Blurred and video capturing images (1 Team)
8) Game On – App for organizing the Gamers, Game stations and events conducted by the Game stations near to the user’s location (1 Team)
9) Wireless charger – A Prototype device has been created to show how could charge one mobile from other mobile using wireless device. (1 Team)
10) ARC: Automated Room Control – A Prototype developed to control the home devices using geofencing and sensors (1 Team)
11) Student Safety App – It is an IOT based prototype where the student activities and attendance can be managed through the GPS device as ID card or through the GPS chip embedded on uniform cloths.(1 Team)
12) Industry Predictive Analysis – Its Power BI based analytics prototype, it bring the predictive analysis data based on the retail model. (1 Team)

That was really a very big list and the enthusiastic participants from Chennai and Madurai floor, every team has been evaluated, and the mentor has been assigned.

Hackathon Participants Chennai and Madurai team - Hackathon OptiSol

The event started on 16 Feb 2018 at 1900 hrs,

Day 1, the checkpoints were set on mid-night at 2300 hrs and the next day at 1200 hrs with all team,  it was way long progress than expected since got through all the team and the day has gone with starting the ideas and changing it within their themes based on the time constraint.

Day 2, we have seen full-blown involvement from the teams and many of them crossed with sleepless nights and little nap around the floor

Day 3, 18 Feb 2018 1200 hrs, event comes to the great end and the expert judges from the industry out of our office have been invited to judge the teams.

judge the teams - Hackathon at OptiSol Business Solutions

The judgment process went till evening and the teams cooperated till the last team been evaluated.

First Place taken by the “Wireless charger”

A second-place shared by two teams “Face It and OptiCoin”

Special Jury award to Game on the team for the best business idea

Prize distribution Hackathon OptiSol

And the Final prize for the Interns team for their participation

Based on the evaluation the prizes were distributed on the big day, i.e. on our Digital Innovation center Inauguration the prizes were announced and distributed from the chief guest Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan.

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