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Data automation solution for Ecommerce industry– Overview

  • The processing, analyzing, and transmitting of data using automated methods as opposed to doing it manually is known as data automation.
  • Three components are involved: This also called ETL.
    • Extract
    • Transform
    • Load
  • Information from various sources can be more easily combined using automation.
  • If data sourcing is automated, it may be made more effective while also reducing costs and saving time. Moreover, it uses data validation and assures that the loaded data is arranged to avoid mistakes.
  • If you want the company to move in the right path, you must be able to extract profitable business insights from your data. Thanks to automation in data analytics, enterprise customers may concentrate on data analysis rather than data preparation.
  • Data automation does have many benefits for businesses. For businesses, it is a brilliant alternative because it improves productivity while lowering costs. Automation helps the workforce as well because it frees them up to focus on interesting and enjoyable duties rather than silly ones.
  • Automatic data management ensures alignment. Maintaining job quality is critical for organizations, which manual methods may compromise. Your corporation may waste money and time since it doesn’t have a sound operations research. Program for information automation.

Classify data
Outline Transformations
Develop and Test the ETL Process
Schedule Data for Updates

How we developed Data automation solution for Ecommerce firms?

Solution Overview:

  • To automate download of scope files from a website and do ETL process. Store the tuned data in Redshift and visualize the data in the decision-making format.
  • S3 used to store all formats of data and later move to Redshift for analysis
  • AWS Glue studio used to accumulate all data under a commonly readable format.
  • Redshift’s fact and dimension helped to form a dynamic dataset which is the base for Quick Sight’s infographic
  • File downloads are automated, periodically using Power Automate


Market size: Data Automation

The global data warehousing market size was valued at $21.18 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $51.18 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.7% from 2020 to 2028.



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