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10 vital updates from Microsoft Build 2017


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MS Build – 10 Vital Updates

1. Cortana-Powered smart speaker: Utilizing Microsoft’s virtual assistant to tell you about the traffic and weather while also letting you make and receive Skype calls. Microsoft has announced partnerships with HP on devices and Intel on reference platforms.

2. iTunes on Windows store: iTunes is finally coming to the windows store, this change is because of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 S operating system will run exclusively off of Windows Store apps, meaning iTunes users won’t be penalized if they pick up one of the affordable notebooks running the lightweight, cloud-based version of Windows.

3. Azure Batch AI Training: The new Azure offering will allow developers to configure an environment with parameters and run their models against multiple CPUs, multiple GPUs and eventually field-programmable gate arrays. Note that it is available in private preview only.

4. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac: Visual studio 2017 will be released for MAC machines too. Mac environment has full support as windows environments such as mobile, web and cloud workloads, and previews of Docker tools, Azure Functions, and Xamarin.IoT support

5. Microsoft Graph API: This will offer for developers to access APIs, Office 365 data and intelligence

6. Cognitive Services: New services include Bing Custom Search, Custom Vision Service, Custom Decision Service and Video Indexer. A new PowerPoint add-in called Presentation Translator allows real-time translation to multiple languages during any presentation

7. Bot Framework: Using the Bot Framework, developers can also now publish to new channels including Bing, Cortana and Skype for Business, and implement Microsoft’s payment request API in their bots. Developers can write cards once across multiple apps and platforms

8. Microsoft Teams: It is a new chat-based workspace in office 365. The developer can now publish for Microsoft Teams

9. Azure Cosmos DB: Claimed to be the industry’s first globally distributed, multi-modal database service.

10. MySQL and PostgreSQL Managed Services: These services join Azure SQL Database to give developers expanded choice and flexibility on a service platform.

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