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Interact and automate browser with Selenium framework

Selenium – the tool that interacts with the browser and automates it. This enables us to replicate human action on the browser and perform functional and regression testing using selenium. With TestNG framework, we can execute the test by @Test and many other test annotations along with the capability to execute the test in a various manner like execute in groups, in Parallel, in sequential, etc.

TestNG – the test execution framework and can use for a wide range of testing types such as functional, Unit, Regression, Database and API testing.


OptiSol has the experience in Selenium tool to automate the web application testing for performing functional regression automation and to develop and maintain automated test suites.

Our end-to-end test automation services enable to define and build enterprise test automation frameworks, implement test automation frameworks, migrate test automation tools and script automated test scripts. Selenium Automated Testing Services defines the ideal framework for all WebDriver testing endeavors that promote higher portability along with other benefits.

Automated functional testing
Automated regression testing
Browser compatibility testing
Mobile Responsive testing
Automation framework creation
Integration with test management tools


Implement a proven platform to increase longevity and reduce maintenance

At OptiSol, we have in-depth expertise in providing Selenium test automation services. We have extended the core Selenium / WebDriver engine in diverse ways to create a proprietary enterprise level test automation solution that integrates seamlessly with various development and Continuous Integration (CI) environments while driving unattended, parallel tests on multiple browsers. OptiSol Test automation services maximize the benefits of utilizing Selenium WebDriver for its customers.

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