Tips for working mothers: Make Mission Impossible, the Possible

Tips for working mothers: Make Mission Impossible, the Possible

If we want to describe 2020 as a movie, it is a horror thriller with many tragedical twists. Mainly for working women with children in home, it is like a ‘Mission Impossible’ movie and also syncs with the movie tagline-NO PLAN. NO BACKUP. NO CHOICE.

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Here are some quick tips for working mothers to manage both work and home in flying colors.

  • Switch on the Work mode. Prepare a work and playtime schedule for you and your kids. Let your kids clearly follow ‘work while you work and play while you play’ poem in reality. Engage them with fun activities like drawing, learning, puzzles while you work.
  • Communicate the situation with your Boss or Employee. Let out your concerns to your employees about the difficulties such as guaranteeing interruption free calls and following fixed work timings.
  • Share with your Partner. Try to break out of the traditional male/ female stereotype. Always share with your partner when things get out of hand to manage. If there are important virtual meets, plan with your partner in prior to help with the kids.
  • Take Regular breaks. Spending time with kids is as important as maintaining a healthy work hour. Try to break up your day’s work into smaller tasks based on work load and plan your day’s schedule. Utilize your kids’ sleep timings and finish up things in work front.
  • Engage healthy screen time for Kids. Try to engage your kids with shows with strict parent guidelines rules. Prepare some good meaningful shows and animated movies in handy to make them indulge while you are busy with work.

Dedicating to all brave working women……….

Define success on your terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build your life you’re proud to live”

– Anne Sweeney (Former President of Walt Disney)

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