Time to thank our middle management millennials!

Time to thank our middle management millennials!

OptiSol PMO Team Leads

Thanks to our middle management millennials who made it happen. They made it look so easy with the trust and relationship built with their colleagues, management clients.

In one day, our 3 offices became 250+ distributed offices. The strict lockdown in the country added anxiety to the people. This was once in a life-time situation for all of us. True to their character, the millennials adjusted to the situation so well. Not only they managed themselves and their family, but also understood the importance of Business As Usual and made it happen.

First and foremost, the team reached out to the respective clients, explained the situation and our preparedness for business continuity. Thanks to our clients, they showed profound trust with our process and the team lived up to that.

For the first 2 weeks, the focus of the team was to ensure client deliveries. They had daily huddle with their respective project teams, one-on-one meetings for people requiring help, and took decisions for business as usual. They managed themselves and helped their colleagues to stabilize quickly, stay safe and stay productive.

Once they ensured the business as usual on operations, the team moved on to figure out new challenges and opportunities the crises opened. They worked closely with our Sales Team and came up with solution offerings that can fit to the current need. We were able to launch quick solutions that helped our clients in this challenging time.

We are really awed at your resilience and performance at this difficult time. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. You did it for ourselves and our clients worldwide!

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