Manual Testing

Manual Testing

OptiSol has an in-house team of manual testers who will be able to recommend the best industry- practices suited for your business needs. We combine industry-standard tools and pre-built test accelerators for delivering the most efficient coverage of your software’s functional specs.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing deals with exploring, investigating, and learning the application to identify possible issues. One of the crucial factors in exploratory testing is understanding user personas using the application that helps testers perform better. This manual testing is a combination of test design and test execution used mainly for agile models. The critical role of exploratory testing is finding bugs that automated testing misses and the speed of testing cycles. We have a team of software testers with hands-on experience in exploratory testing and help in delivering top-notch services to clients.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a type of build verification testing process that focuses on testing the core functionality of the test build. This manual testing plays an important role in determining whether the product is stable and fully functional. We have an expert team of testers who use smoke testing tools and technologies to detect and correct application flaws.

Integration Testing

Integration testing evaluates software modules as groups where they are integrated logically and tested. The Integration testing follows different approaches such as Top-down, bottom-up, and sandwich testing to expose edge cases in the interaction between integrated units. Our Testing experts verify the functionality, reliability, and performance requirement of the application through the sophisticated Integration testing service.

Functional Testing

Functional testing focus on verifying the functionality of the testing application against defined specifications and its user relationship. Functional testing follows different testing methods such as white-box testing and black-box testing. To provide a seamless and error-free functionality, Our team of software testers will ensure that the application goes through a planned functional testing cycle with various stages namely Test Requirements gathering, Test planning, Test strategy, Test execution, Defect management, Test results reporting to achieve product quality and development experience.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is an integral part of the functional testing process that verifies whether the modifications and error fixings have affected the application build. Regression testing ensures the quality of deployed software by making sure that the application is bugs-free for every release. Our team of manual testers adopts different regression test suites such as retest all, regression test selection, and test case prioritization to address the specific needs of our customers.
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