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  • Optisol Australia is a Technology partner focusing on Data Analytics and Machine Learning based solutions in Australia. Optisol Australia is a select-tier AWS partner.
  • The need for this initiative is to build an innovative collision avoidance system in industrial vehicles like fork-lifts to detect humans in the path of the vehicle and notify the driver of an impending collision
  • Magic box can detect a person at more than 20 meters and can measure the distance of the person from the device with an accuracy of 1 foot.
  • If the pedestrian is within a pre-defined distance from the embedded device that runs the pedestrian detector Vision Intelligence model, we trigger a buzzer to warn of an impending collision.
  • This device is small and hand-held. It can be mounted on any vehicle to prevent accidental human-machine collision due to blind spots or when the operator is distracted.
  • We built this Vision Intelligence solution using the latest advances in training Neural Networks.
  • This system is equipped with AWS IoT for the edge CI/CD process. Violation images are actively uploaded in the s3 bucket for further analytics.

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Workplace injuries are one of the important causes of liability and productivity loss for organizations. When heavy machinery is operated, there should be the minimal distance that needs to be maintained. These distances often get violated by pedestrians, that leads to cause of pedestrian getting injured.  


Here the magic box act as a driver assistant, which it alerts the driver with caution if any pedestrian is nearby. The magic-box is equipped with advanced cloud analytics system, which helps management to actively monitor a number of violations happened over a time period in which it helps the management to make necessary decision. 

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