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Our Platforms

Our platforms are accelerators or enablers that focus on specific problems, solves them using package of IT tools, customize to your needs and helps you in getting to market faster and getting quicker RoI. We enable your digital journey with web or mobile solution offerings as part of these platforms.



Logitrack is a location based services platform tightly coupled with Google maps and other prominent map service providers via API integration to offer services like Geofencing, Geotracking and route optimization.


Conversational Bots

Text chat platform for startup and enterprises with a one-time license fee to enable chat based communication between different user roles.



Sesame is OptiSol’s way of expressing gratitude to the open source community by giving back set of Free downloadable components built by us without any license restrictions.



Digital Media Platform for On-demand and Live Streaming that helps Startups and Enterprises capitalize on Video Streaming technologies on the cloud leveraging AWS and MS Azure.


FinTech Accelerators

Digital solutions on a micro services architecture for addressing processes around loan origination, KYC, PCI Compliance, Forex management and Trading using AI & ML.


Batch Solutions

Batch Solution platform assists to create a secured channel for any data transferred to/from Batch Solution over a secured network

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