Using Scripts for Cloning – Evaluation & Approach

Using Scripts for Cloning – Evaluation & Approach

Treading the paths of winner and getting inspired by successful initiatives are ethically accepted marketing practices and has been practiced for a long time. The inspirations may happen out of a technology or marketing or other business practices. This follow-market strategy involves innovations to overcome the first mover advantage enjoyed by the existing players.

The entry cost is lesser compared to other strategies as you have proven models and inspirations to follow.

Technology has vital role in the follow-market strategy when it comes to online business models. The successful online business models are typically built on top of a distributed revenue model. The following factors are vital when it comes to cloning an online business model:

1. Niche focus
2. Innovation in revenue channels
3. Geographically filtered focus
4. Eliminating pain points in the existing models
5. Identifying and positioning differentiators


As highlighted earlier technology plays a vital role in cloning online business portals. Multiple vendors have come up scripts that would help you to instantly clone the portals and configure to your specific requirements.

For most of the portals that exist today there has been huge number of scripts available to clone them and get them up and running quickly. You require lesser technical support to clone the scripts but generally you need support of software programmers for installation and configuration. The installation and configuration is to be followed by localization or customization effort. The typical activities include:

1. Configuring terms and terminologies
2. Language settings
3. Skin and interface changes
4. Payment gateway/other configurations
5. Content Management

Below is an indicative list of portals for which clone scripts are available in the market. Please note that these are script services provided by respective vendors and indicative only.

Cloning portal via scripts involves a two-step decision process vis-à-vis whether a script would meet my requirements and which script would meet my requirements.


This decision involves exploring an option on whether you custom develop your portal or to use scripts and install them. This decision involves trade-off between time to market, cost and the business model. The scripts help you go quick to market and save cost as it involves lesser effort. The tradeoff typically happens on the mapping of your business model and incorporating a unique revenue model.

1.Do you have a different revenue model than your intended clone site?
2. Are you looking for extensive interface re-skinning?
3. Are you planning to build customizations on top of the cloned site?
4. Do you have any specific language constraints?
5. How will you be able to differentiate your website from competition? Will the clone support your key differentiators?
6. Cost advantage against your budget?
7. Schedule advantage against your project plan?

These questions have to be answered on a weighted scale method and the scoring would give you the direction about choosing the scripts.


Having decided that you will be using the scripts for creating your portal, the next vital question would be choosing the right script. The process of choosing right script involves following vital activities:

1. Evaluating multiple options, mapping against your requirements
2. Validating cost advantages
3. Validating schedule advantages
4. Validating legal aspects like removal of references and ownership etc
5. Access to source code for customizations
6. Available support
7. Scalability and performance aspects built within the framework

These questions have to be addressed on a quantitative approach and comparison against the available options would give you the direction about choosing the right scripts.

OptiSol Business Solutions can assist you in these evaluation processes and help you to find out whether you need any script for clone or whether it can be done as custom solution. We also make recommendations on choosing a right clone script to address your requirements. We do not own any clone scripts and this helps us to make a rational approach towards this decision making process.

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