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Our Partner - Vision Point Systems (VPS)

VPS has a strong business focus on Government services and Software engineering

Founded in 2002, VPS serves the needs of its customers with materials and corrosion engineering support, BPM automation, telephony and mobile app development, and custom software engineering services. VPS designated its Fairfax, VA office as corporate headquarters and it has 5 branch offices in USA. VPS expanded delivery centers recently at UK and Australia this year.


Vision Point Systems Government Services scientists, engineers and IT professionals utilize a fusion of materials science, engineering and information technology to solve complex corrosion problems and their related asset maintenance issues.


Vision Point Systems Software Engineering Services serves businesses with unique software challenges. Our process-driven project management is suited for pharmaceutical and other highly regulated industries.


VPS is a trusted partner of Appian Professional Services’ Extended Delivery Team since 2012, with deep experience with implementing, supporting, and testing Business Process Management Systems for Federal, Commercial, and NGO customers.

OptiSol – VPS Joint Venture for Appian Services

VPS identified India as potential growing IT hub which has great talent and skill sets, especially Appian talent pool. VPS have done ‘Location Expansion Assessment – India’ recently partnering with ‘OptiSol Business Solution’ India, a long-time delivery partner for VPS, yielded great interest for VPS leadership team to build delivery center in Chennai, India.

VPS India (a JV of VPS USA and OptiSol Business Solutions) will be building core engineering and solution team as part of VPS Software Engineering business unit. Initially VPS planning to setup Appian practice in Chennai and further expanding other digital practices

Why choosing Appian for BPM?

Digitally transform your business with Appian – a robust BPM tool

Apart from automating and optimizing business processes, Organizations need to streamline their workflows, build data into everyday processes, create a positive end-user experience on diverse device, apps and services for employees as well as customers.


Improving Customer Experiences

Giving users better tools to function in a digital world lets them become more responsive to customer demands.


Integrating Data into Operations

Integrating data into business processes ensures users have the right information when they need it to make decisions.


Accelerating App Development

Low-code platforms within BPM solutions accelerate app creation and help development teams keep up with shifting business demands.


Streamlining Workflows

BPM tools connect workflows across device and business channels so disparate teams can work in conjunction with one another without disruption.


Creating a Connected Workforce

Streamlining your information flow with solutions that connect your customers, your company and transform how you do business in the digital world.

How do we implement BPM?

The Solution enables the design, execution, management and optimization of a business process by connecting people, systems and data while simultaneously providing analytics for measuring and improving operations.

  • Design: Model processes – Apply business rules – Adapt to complex events – Embed process in apps
  • Execute: Instant deployment – Faster integration – Automatically mobile – Secure and scalable
  • Manage: Management Tools – Task Management – Real-Time Visibility – Skills-Based Routing
  • Optimize: Continuous Process Improvement – Aggregated Process History Analysis – Predictive Analytics – Dynamic Reporting

Appian BPM – Our Offerings

We believe every business is a digital business. We build Enterprise Digital Products for that help companies Transform Customer Experience and Employees Empowerment

  • Appian Application Design – a teams of highly qualified Appian Designers who support Appian Professional Services as well as our direct customers with combination of skills such as business analysis and hands-on prior performance
  • Architecture – the Center of Excellence (CoE) with Senior consultants experienced in Appian architecture assist customers in designing Appian implementations to meet future as well as current business requirements.
  • Performance Testing – has deep experience in performance testing Appian deployments and applications, having performance tested Appian deployments across a wide variety of companies, government agencies.
  • Application and Systems Administration – have Appian Systems Administrators who advise customers on deploying Appian on-premise, or migrate existing on-premise implementations to Appian Cloud.
  • Plug-in Development – leverage our pedigree of traditional Software Development in extension of Appian through Java plugin development and integrations with other platforms such as Twilio Utilities plugin.
  • Business Analysis – recognize the BA role as critical to avoiding the aggravation and wasted time that go along with poorly conceived and managed projects i.e., without good analysis, it’s code and fix. Our BAs are quality communicators with technical know-how and project experience.
  • Quality Assurance – managed software development and formal validation for projects that require FDA approval and formal GxP process. We apply the rigor of that approach to all our projects with an eye towards right-sizing the testing and documentation to our clients’ needs.
  • Test Automation – a powerful tool to supplement current development and testing regime to achieve multiple simultaneous ends via Acceptance tests, Smoke tests and Data creation/manipulation scripts
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