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Casting Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Casting involves an streamlined process that involves extensive tracking and our platform assists in automating the end to end workflow via web and mobile solutions


Mobility solutions for Event management: Events – both personal and professional – carry memories, make connections and build your virtual timeline. Explore how our mobility solutions can help in event management

Mobile platform for On Demand & Live Video Streaming

OptiStream is a plug and play digital media platform that helps Startups and Enterprises capitalize on Video Streaming technologies on the cloud.

IoT on Cloud

Man – machine – device integration is getting hotter and explore how you can leverage our services on AWS and Azure cloud platforms and bespoke device integration solutions

Healthcare Business Software

Explore our plug and play solutions for managing your business processes via portals, mobile applications and web platforms available off the shelf

Enterprise Dashboard on Mobile

Enterprise mobile applications are quickly becoming the cornerstone of businesses both large and small around the world. Explore our one-click dashboard solutions that integrates with various business software


The ERP needs for Small and Mid-sized enterprises are very specific and our platform caters to your inventory management, PO, SO, finance, HR & Payroll needs.

Foodtech Business Tools

Managing your foodtech operations has its own challenges and our digital tools for foodtech vertical helps organizations reengineer their process and ensure digitization

Logistics & Routing Solutions

We have built off the shelf location based solutions tightly integrated with maps and routing management APIs along with POD, QMS that will digitally streamline your business

Product & Service market place

The product & service market place has a master list of common set of features and functionalities like listing, domains for sellers, inventory management etc. and we have off the shelf platform to quickly ramp up your market place solution

EDA & Sales Illustration Solutions

An important aspect of sales force automation is illustration solutions on mobile devices. Explore our SI platform that can integrate with your ERP platform.

dWAT – digital Work & Travel

Comprehensive platform on cloud to automate business process workflow between sending organizations, participants, employers and receiving organizations involved in work and travel industry


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