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Top Flutter App Development Companies in UK – 2021 Reviews

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. 

Characteristics and Benefits Of Flutter: 

  • Free and Open-source Platform 
  • Utilized for both native and cross-app development 
  • Hot Reload 
  • Custom app design using rich widgets 
  • Excellent Platform Compatibility 
  • Google Firebase Support 
  • Less testing compared to other platforms 
  • Fast and Customizable 
  • Rapid App Development 
  • Easy App Management 
  • Cost Saving 

 According to recent Statista research, Flutter is the second most popular cross-platform framework in 2021. 

Even though Flutter is an easy-to-learn technology, building an app from scratch, is a tedious process. If your business goal is to make a cross-platform app, you’ll probably need a dedicated Flutter app development company that has enough experience with this framework.  This gives you the data of top flutter app development company that you can hire dedicatedly. 

Here are the Top Flutter App Development Companies In UK

1.OptiSol Business Solution 

OptiSol is founded in 2006. It is one of the leading flutter app development company in UK | US | Australia | India  

OptiSol is a trusted digital transformation partner of global enterprises. OptiSol offers technology modernization services to different business verticals such as E-commerce & Retail, E-learning & Education, Financial Services, Transport & logistics, etc., 

OptiSol has a team of mobile app developers with expertise in Flutter for designing high-performance and high-fidelity robust applications. OptiSol provides feature-rich and secure services for global clients in diverse sectors. Our developers are able to design, develop, re-engineer applications and collaborate from scratch till app maintenance for providing an enhanced and scalable user experience.

2.X design 

xDesign is a design and development company in Edinburgh, U.K. Founded in 2010, their team of 50+ provides web development and mobile app development services to small business, mid-market, and enterprise clients across various industries. 

3.Netsells group 

Netsells is an app development agency based in York, UK. The agency was founded in 2009 and now employs a team of about 30. Netsells specializes in mobile app development, but also provides web development and UX/UI design services. Most of Netsell’s clients are small to midmarket businesses. One of the best flutter app development company in UK.

4.Intelivita UK

Intelivita was incepted in 2015 in the UK. The company has struggled since then to secure a place in the top mobile and web development company. The company has its client networks worldwide. They are one of the leading flutter app development companies in UK.


itCraft is one of the trusted flutter app development companies that rightly fits into our list. The company goes by the fundamental of effectively and efficiently constructing the IT systems by understanding the customer’s business needs and defining clear processes that can be translated into the final product in a digital form. itCraft offers the best flutter app development services, company has a wide offer of additional services for developers 

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