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5 Key Advantages of Implementing Facial Attendance System in the Construction Industry

Face Recognition System – Overview

  • Facial recognition of the human face is an active issue for authentication purposes, specifically in the context of the attendance System.
  • An attendance system using face recognition is a procedure of recognizing employees by using face biostatistics based on high-definition monitoring and other computer technologies.
  • A Face recognition-based attendance system recognizes people at work using face biostatistics on high-definition monitoring coupled with AI&ML algorithms and technologies.
  • The system was developed for deploying an easy and secure way of taking down attendance.
  • The Initial step is face detection, the second is normalization, the third is feature extraction, and the final step is face recognition.

Why AI in Construction Industry?

  • Artificial intelligence in construction market growth will be majorly driven by the cost efficiency and advanced artificial intelligence products
  • AI is primarily a data-driven technology. Availability and collection of data are very important for accurate results, especially in the case of safety and monitoring applications.
  • With AI-based Facial attendance in place, it prevents site engineers from providing proxy and unauthorized attendance for other co-workers when they aren’t on the site.

Facial Attendance System– 5 Key Advantages

  • Image Capture & Recognition
  • Profile Creation
  • Attendance Registration
  • Geo Location
  • Time Stamp

How have We Implemented a Facial Attendance System for One of The World’s Top 5 Construction industries?

Solution Overview

  • This application captures Daily attendance using facial recognition and pushes the count against the WBS.
  • In case there is a new workman with the minimum records (trailing mail), the site engineer will enroll the workmen with the app.
  • Once done, newly enrolled details will be pushed to the Screening platform for completing the screening procedure.

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Market Size: AI & ML in Construction Industry

MarketsandMarkets expects the global market to grow from USD 329.3 Million in 2017 to USD 1,831.0 Million by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.1% during the forecast period.


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