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Top 5 Advantages of Power BI

Power BI – Introduction

  • Power BI is one of the most popular Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool
  • Power BI tool is the collection of apps, data connectors, and software services that are used to get data from different data sources and transform data
  • The power BI desktop app is used to create reports, while Power BI Services is used to publish the reports
  • It provides an easy drag and drops feature with a range of interactive data visualizations to generate reports and dashboards.

Why Data Visualization?​

1. Analyze​
Easily analyzes and helps to determine the type of data you have and the information needs to be outlined using accurate and precise visualized representation.
2. Communicate​
Visual data insights give a clear-cut understanding of complex datasets, identifying relations and correlating trends by precisely pinpointing the most relevant information.
3. Explore​
The visual data help in providing a way of exploring the hidden relationships, patterns, and facts quickly and efficiently.

Power BI Integration with Enterprise Platform

Users can pin tiles, dashboards, and reports from their own account to the Enterprise application workspace. We can develop or customize rich interactive and real-time PowerBI dashboards, reports, and drill-downs, with various filter options collaborating the data from enterprise applications, legacy applications, and another Data warehouse, which can be viewed on the enterprise workspace to make an effective and efficient business decision.

Power BI – Top 5 Advantages

1. Create deeper & helpful insights
Power BI connects, combines, and analyzes your entire data to provide a competitive advantage. With Power BI, you understand complex data in a simple, unified, and scalable experience.

2. Gives access to real-time information
Dashboards get updated in real-time. With Power BI, one can set up automatic data refresh to have the dashboard reflect data in real time. This gives users the ability to identify opportunities, handle time-sensitive data, and find solutions for problems quickly and effectively.

3. Turn insights into action
Power BI helps you to make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands. Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate makes it simpler and easier to build business applications and automate workflows.

4. Connects with multiple data sources
The Power BI platform/tool is robust and can connect to myriad data sources, from file data sources like Excel and CSV to database sources like Oracle database and Snowflake to online data sources like Salesforce and Adobe Analytics.

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5. Possess AI capabilities
Another important and key advantage of using Power BI is that it possesses Artificial Intelligence capabilities that allow users to get more value out of their data and reporting. With AI, understanding data and generating insights to identify trends become much simpler and highly effective.

Top Data Visualization Tools

We use different tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Software libraries such as Plotly, D3js, and Highcharts to provide interactive visual service.

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