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Transportation logistics management is an integral part of delivering goods from suppliers to customers. Whether you are global or local, asset or non-asset based, move shipments by air, ocean, ground or any combination in-between, the challenge for transportation and logistics service providers is to offer differentiated service at a competitive price. Efficiency, optimization, speed and timing have always been crucial in logistics and transportation. With help of digital technology, we help you to unlock new business models, focused on the creation of value-added services and innovative solutions. IoT contributes to highly integrated warehouse management solutions, enabling precision movement and accurate tracking of movement of goods. The applications of IoT instruments in logistics are virtually endless, ranging from tracking transportation goods in a temperature controlled way to ensuring the correct package reaches the correct location at the specified time and more.

Our motto is to help the Transportation and Logistics industry overcome challenges with our robust digital and technology solutions. We deliver digital transformation and technology services for the Transportation & Logistics industry that includes our Transportation services – Air, Rail, Road or Shipping and Logistics clients all over the world. We posses deep domain expertise and technical capabilities in the areas of Digital, IoT, Infrastructure Management, Testing, Application Development & Maintenance, touches every aspect of the transportation & logistics business delivering high value for our clients. Our priority is to address the main themes of digitisation of transport and logistics with the objective to move from paper to electronic documents, through simplified procedures and integrated information exchanges across different sources.


Data based automation
Real-time fleet management solution
Inventory and supply chain management
Dynamic Route Planning
Integrated Asset Management and Tracking
Analytics for Logistics
Location Based Solutions
AI & ML for process optimization
Google Map Integration
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