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Migrating from Angular JS to Angular? Which is your way?

Practical pointers to chose your application scenario for migration.

Three Approaches to Angular Migration Roll-out

Angular JS applications come in different sizes and complexities, depending on the business processes it is intended to support. As the complexity and size increases, the time taken to migrate to Angular also increases. For business critical applications built on Angular JS, big bang migration to Angular is a risk especially when there are evolving business needs. Code freeze over a period of time to complete migration and implementing new changes quickly after migration to Angular, will be a challenge.

Here are the approaches to Angular Migration that can be considered by businesses, based on the complexity of applications:

1. Large modular applications having less dependencies: module-wise serial roll out

For applications that are modular and having fewer dependencies across modules, roll-out can be done one module after another. During course of migration, there will be a set of modules running on Angular and another on AngularJS. Technically they can be treated as separate applications. Both the applications will share a common data model & integration layer.

2. Large modular applications having dependent features: develop new features and bundle as web components

For these types of applications, new features can be built and rolled out using Angular, and bundled to Angular JS application, as Web Components. Web Components will provide dependency isolation, reduce rework, and allow Angular code to run in Angular JS applications. Further, web components are supported by all the latest browsers. Importantly, there will be just one application bundle that will physically run with Angular & Angular JS components.

3. Small applications that do not undergo frequent business changes: a big bang approach

Such applications are the right candidates for big bang upgrade and roll-out. Angular JS to Angular rewrite can be done in one stretch and implemented in one shot.

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