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Laravel, the most popular open source PHP web application framework. Laravel framework has amazing coding standards and maintainability to develop robust enterprise applications. Laravel is one of the most cutting-edge, fast and highly expressive framework which allows the creation of high quality and trending web applications. Leveraging this, OptiSol has built reliable and secure web applications using Laravel framework. OptiSol has about 25+ member team with expertise in PHP MVC frameworks and we have built large scale solutions for enterprises and platforms for Startup using Laravel framework. The framework follows model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern which makes it easier for OptiSol to use and leverage modular packaging and elegance.

Hire Laravel Developers for Reliable Custom Web Applications.

The main factors which make Laravel as the robust framework for PHP application development,

  • Hassle Free Coding: As a developer, OptiSol finds it easy to develop services using Laravel due to its high readability and rich-features. Also, the problems of hectic coding can be overcome with trouble-free syntax.
  • Security: Laravel takes care of the security within its framework for the application.
  • Time-Saving: Modularity is built in via “bundles”, making it really easy to drop in/reuse code across application and helps in saving a lot of time.
  • Database Mapping: Eloquent ORM is a simple, super-fast ORM that makes working with database relations easy.
  • Configurable and Extendable: We can set up the application with the folder structure the way we need and works best for us. Makes it easy for customization, migration, and configuration of tasks.
  • Rich Add-ons: Full control with no restriction as you can do anything. Comes with numerous bundled features for easy addition to applications.
  • API Integrations: Good inbuilt API for all types applications. Creates custom websites with unique functionalities.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to change code as the code does not depend on the third party

Our Offerings

OptiSol has 25+  member team to develop simple as well as complex Laravel applications for all business types and have expertize such as,

  • Build enterprise web apps
  • Use Laravel's before/after route filters
  • Use Laravel's ORM and Non-ORM database methods
  • Process files using Laravel's built-in methods
  • Integrate third-party libraries and scripts into web application
  • Validate your form data and uploaded files
  • Safeguard your web app from injections

Design thinking + Agility = OptiGile

Our tailored agile methodology to meet specific client engagement needs driven by design thinking

We learn about the audience for whom you are designing – Who is user?
Create a point of view (PoV) based user needs – What is their need?
Brainstorm and come up with as many solution options – What are options?
Create a rough draft of the solution for representation – Can I show?
Share your MVP and get feedback – Does it work?

Why Optisol

Digital SMAC
Consultative engagement with digital transformation built on SMAC
Prototype 2 Build
Collaborate and Prototype before building via Design Thinking
Tool driven iterative releases and milestone linked payment
Competitive Pricing
Leverage our proven onsite-offshore framework
Expertise in various technology stacks