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React Native

React Native is a new JavaScript framework/code library developed by Facebook. Helps to build high-quality applications for android and iOS using a fraction of the resources with the native approach. Provide a real native user interface which allows reuse of code across the web and mobile.

  • Code reusability (most of the time) to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Can use JSX to program your application, by using JSX you can write concise HTML/XML-like structures in the same file as you write JavaScript code
  • Much better performance than Cordova in Ionic
  • React Native uses multiple cores simultaneously so your JavaScript code runs on one core and the app view runs on another core

We leverage the skills and experience of our developers to suggest and recommend right technology for your needs – either native approach or hybrid React Native.
Hire expertized mobile application developer for robust cross platform mobile applications.
We offer services such as,

  • React Native Android Apps
  • React Native iOS Applications
  • React Native UI/UX & API development
  • React Native Windows Development
  • React Native Customization Services
  • React Native Support & Maintenance


We help organizations in building critical business applications using Microsoft Xamarin via our efficient project management processes and transparent work methodologies. Xamarin, the robust development tools for hybrid as well as native applications and it offers a single language (C#) that works across all three mobile platforms of iOS, Android and Windows.
Xamarin application development is an integral skill-set of the framework programmers and provide improvised user experience as per the business requisites of our customers. Our Xamarin based solutions allow enterprises to build cutting-edge mobile applications with Xamarin that foster growth and ensure industry's best ROI.

Hire expertized mobile application developer for robust cross platform mobile applications.
Xamarin is one of the best cross platform applications based on the factors below,

  • Xamarin has TestCloud which allows you to test your apps automatically
  • Provides 100% code reuse with Xamarin.Forms UI development using shared code base and logic. This saves a lot of time and resources
  • Supports patterns like MVC and MVVM
  • Xamarin Performance is close to Native apps
  • Xamarin.Android supports Google Glass devices, Android Wear, and Firephone
  • Learning curve is relative. If your team knows C#, it is comparatively easy to get started with Xamarin

We offer services such as,

  • Custom Xamarin Development
  • Xamarin Forms Development
  • Xamarin Cross-Platform Apps
  • Enterprise Xamarin Development
  • iOS, Android and Windows Development
  • Xamarin Mobile Applications
  • Xamarin Application Development
  • Xamarin Migration Services


Ionic is an open source HTML5 based framework for robust mobile app development. This framework efficiently manages the look & feel of your mobile app, keeping it interactive, engaging and attractive.
Hire expertized mobile application developer for robust cross platform mobile applications.
Ionic is one of the popular cross platform applications based on the factors below,

  • Ionic uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS together for enhanced interface
  • Comes with native-styled and user-friendly mobile UI elements
  • Ionic simplifies the deployment, development and scaling of apps
  • Offers fully integrated stack and instant push changes to all users
  • High quality compiled code and options to keep Native UI

We offer services such as,

  • Ionic Android/iPhone App Development
  • Ionic Testing Services
  • Cross Platform Mobile Consulting Services
  • Ionic Support and Maintenance Services

Design thinking + Agility = OptiGile

Our tailored agile methodology to meet specific client engagement needs driven by design thinking

We learn about the audience for whom you are designing – Who is user?
Create a point of view (PoV) based user needs – What is their need?
Brainstorm and come up with as many solution options – What are options?
Create a rough draft of the solution for representation – Can I show?
Share your MVP and get feedback – Does it work?

Why Optisol

Digital SMAC
Consultative engagement with digital transformation built on SMAC
Prototype 2 Build
Collaborate and Prototype before building via Design Thinking
Tool driven iterative releases and milestone linked payment
Competitive Pricing
Leverage our proven onsite-offshore framework
Expertise in various technology stacks