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Increasing number of applications are developed using the LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) and it ranks in top 10 technologies in various technical survey. Being an open source platform, LAMP stacks gives cost advantage, community support when compared to other commercial technologies. We have built expertise over the years in building many web applications for startups and mid-sized enterprises using PHP MVC frameworks on LAMP stack. We offer professional and cost effective PHP web development service. Large scale enterprise applications and social media platforms were built using PHP on LAMP stack and they have scaled up successfully and PHP MVC frameworks are no way inferior to any other technology stack.

We have built scalable and robust web applications using LAMP stack and we have expertise in various MVC frameworks like Yii, Laravel, Zend and CakePHP. We have resources with average experience of 4+ years in PHP MVC frameworks like Laravel, Yii, Zend, and CakePHP. We lately use AngulaJS with the PHP MVC framework to build applications with excellent user experience and performance. When it comes to CMS or website development, we develop using WordPress or Drupal and our solutions are mobile browser compatible with excellent user experience. Our professional team has expertise in PHP frameworks such as,

  • Laravel: Laravel MVC framework offers a robust set of tools and application architecture through bundles, migrations, and Artisan CLI. The framework provide hassle free coding, security, database mapping, add-ons, API integrations and more along with time-saving and configurable or extendable features.
  • Yii: Yii is a robust PHP framework, which improves on the simplicity of the code and the performance during the execution. Yii is a rapid, reliable and professional PHP framework with a rich set of features that enables rapid application development and features that ensure a solid technical architecture for building robust solutions. The framework provides MVC design patterns, Database access objects, query builder, widgets, authentication, themes, localization and more.
  • Zend: Zend framework automates the delivery of apps from code to production and provides best back-end platform to ensure apps perform at scale. The framework has inbuilt modules along with factors such as secure, extensible, support community and performance.
  • CakePHP: CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code. CakePHP is an open source web application framework which follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach. Using cakePHP, we can built applications quickly with no configurations. Also provide friendly license, Clean MVC conventions and security.
  • Drupal: Provide wide array of services that ranges from simple Drupal website to custom Drupal modules to a complete Drupal eCommerce site, end-to-end Drupal solutions, document management solutions, workflow management solutions and large scale portals.
  • WordPress: In-house graphic design team that can create WordPress compatible responsive themes and configure WordPress module and develop custom plug-in’s for WordPress on need basis.

PHP Application Development - Recent Portfolio


JavaScript, the full-fledged dynamic programming language usually embedded in the header of web pages. It enhances the dynamics and interactive features of page. JavaScript is entering a completely new and exciting cycle of evolution, innovation and standardization, with new developments, allowing us to use JavaScript on the server-side and this accelerates building fast, robust and scalable web applications that works well with mobile browsers.

JS is touted to be the emerging technology trend for the past few years and OptiSol is leaping forward with this wave and has incorporated and leveraged the advantages from JS frameworks. OptiSol has been building web applications using conventional MVC frameworks along with JS and has also built web apps purely on JS stack using MEAN.

JS programming has a right fitment with digitalization and technology consumerization strategy for the millennials. The JS frameworks aids in building applications that are rich, thin, fast and scalable. It quickly connects with the technology buyer behavior of millennials.

JavaScript is changing the face of application development with Node JS, AngularJS, jQuery and more. We have expertise in JavaScript development services and custom JS web applications with intuitive site architecture, clear structure, enticing visual clues and easily recognizable links.

At OptiSol, our developers come with significant experience and know-how that is required to create robust solutions and applications in JavaScript supporting databases and technologies. Our treasure chest of expertise comes with years of experience in delivering a variety of JavaScript based projects for clients around the world belonging to a range of industry segments.

  • Node JS:Node JS, the open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side applications. This is JavaScript framework and rather provides an event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O API which helps us to optimize data and scalability for real-time applications. OptiSol provides experts with expertise in Node JS application development.
  • Angular JS:AngularJS, the superheroic JavaScript Framework enables creation of powerful and robust single page applications. The applications developed using AngularJS are client-side applications with cross-browser compliant. We, at OptiSol has developed or developing many successful applications using this trending technology.
  • Neo 4J:Neo 4J, the Robust and leading Graph Database (No SQL Database) provides consistent validation of the ability to deliver faster performance, create new products and services, and better adapt to changing business needs. OptiSol provide support on custom application developed through Neo 4J
  • Breeze JS:Breeze JS, robust open source library which provides solutions for data management challenges for single page and other client-centric applications. OptiSol have expertise in pure JavaScript programming as well as MVC frameworks.

JavaScript Application Development - Recent Portfolio


We deliver customer-centric, scalable and business oriented Java development services for enterprises and SMEs. Our clients map across various industry verticals inclusive of Automotive, E-Commerce, Banking, Real-Estate, Entertainment, Finance, Product Development and Healthcare.

Our Java professionals, with an average experience of 5+ years, have extensive industry experience and adopt a logical yet innovative approach to develop a comprehensive suite of robust and highly scalable Java applications across diverse business domains. Organizations demand these highly productive, scalable and robust Java-based solutions decrease their production cost and enhance productivity.

Hire expertized Java application developer for robust web and custom applications.

OptiSol has expertise in various MVC frameworks and standards in Java:

  • Struts
  • Spring
  • JSF
  • Hibernate

Our key focus area is micro service architecture and we have published a renowned white paper on this that you view in our blog section. We use AngularJS with Java MVC frameworks and we approach the stack in the following manner:

  • Application-util (Simple Java Classes)
  • Application-services (Hibernate + Springs)
  • Application-commons (POJO classes)
  • Application-apis (Spring Controllers)
  • Application-app (Angular JS + Struts + Spring)

Why Java?

  • Java is the preferred framework for the development of web applications and especially for enterprise level applications with high performance and security standards.
  • Large and well-known companies are now using Java frameworks for their internal/external facing applications. We have built large scale enterprise platform to smaller web applications and websites using Java.
  • We have built many Workflow Management Applications, Social Networking applications, e-Commerce Application and Healthcare Solutions
  • Excellent expertise in core Java and advanced Java frameworks

Java Spring MVC framework

Spring is one of the most popular open source frameworks for developing enterprise applications. It provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing Java enterprise level applications. Spring also enables the developer to create high performing, easily testable, reusable and loose coupling enterprise Java application.

Pros of Spring Framework
  • Spring enables the developers to develop the enterprise applications using POJOs (Plain Old Java Object). The benefit of developing the applications using POJO is, that we do not need an enterprise container such as an application server but we have the option of using a robust servlet container.
  • Spring comes with some of the existing technologies like ORM framework, logging framework, J2EE and JDK Timers etc. thus preventing explicit integration of those technologies.
  • Spring Web framework has a well-designed web MVC framework, which provides a great alternative to the web framework.
  • Spring can eliminate the creation of the singleton and factory classes.
  • Spring framework is both complete and modular because Spring framework has a layered architecture.
  • Spring provides a consistent transaction management interface that can scale down to a local transaction and scale up to global transactions (using JTA).
  • Spring framework includes support for managing business objects and exposing their services to the presentation tier components so that the web and desktop applications can access the same objects.
  • Spring framework has taken the best practice that has been proven over the years in several applications and formalized as design patterns.
  • Spring application can be used for the development of different kind of applications, like Standalone Applications, Standalone GUI Applications, Web Applications and Applets as well.
  • Spring Framework consists of features organized into about 20 modules and these modules are grouped into Core Container, Data Access or Integration, Web, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Instrumentation and Test.

Capabilities of Spring Framework
  • Spring Core Container, the basis for the complete spring framework. The Spring core container provides an implementation for IoC supporting Dependency Injection. The container provides a consistent means of configuring and managing the Java objects using callbacks. The container is also responsible for managing the lifecycle of the object such as,
    • Creating the Objects
    • Calling initialization methods
    • Configuring objects by writing them together
  • Spring AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming): Spring AOP module provides an implementation of AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming). The Spring AOP is a proxy-based framework implemented in Java and it is developed based on AOP Alliance API, which enables to use the advice developed under Spring AOP to be used with other AOP implementations, meaning it allows us to migrate components implemented using Spring AOP to some other AOP implementation or integrate any existing AOP alliance complaint component to work with Spring.
  • Spring JDBC and DAO Module: The Spring framework supports for DAO includes Consistent Exception Hierarchy and convenient translation from data access API-specific exceptions to the Spring DAO exception hierarchy. The Spring framework provides solutions for the various problems identified by using JDBC as low-level data access API for implementing DAO, by giving thin, robust and highly extensible JDBC abstraction framework.
  • ORM Module: The ORM (Object Relational Mapping) module for the Spring framework provides a high-level abstraction for well-accepted object-relational mapping APIs such as Hibernate, JPA, JDO, OJB and iBatis. The Spring ORM module is not replacing or a competitive for any existing ORMs; instead it is designed to reduce the complexity by boilerplate code from the application in using the ORMs.
  • J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition): The JEE module of Spring framework is built on the solid base, provided by the core package. This provides a support for using the remoting services in a simplified manner. This supports to build POJOs and expose them as remote objects without worrying about specific remoting technology given rules.
  • Web Module: The Web module of Spring framework includes all the support for developing robust a maintainable web application in a simplified approach. It even includes support for MVC-based applications development. The described above advantages of Spring framework makes the framework to accept the world as Spring is a robust framework.

We develop simple as well as complex applications for all business types and have expertise in,

  • Web Services and API Development
  • Bespoke web applications and portals
  • Service based web platforms
  • Enterprise bespoke applications using Java Spring
  • High performance solutions for startup using Java and MySQL DB or MongoDB
  • Migration and Porting Services
  • Maintenance and Support

Java Application Development - Recent Portfolio


Having built about 50+ mobile applications, OptiSol has built excellent expertise in mobile app development for Start-up, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises via Native platforms and Hybrid or Cross Platforms.

Mobile solutions helps the organization/enterprises to reach their customers and prospects effectively and is the vital part of digital transformation strategy. OptiSol has proven expertise and portfolio of service which helps our client’s mobile strategy.

As we know, Mobility solution along with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) has become vital for the organization to run their business, manage employees and customers. We offer end-to-end consulting and services to address the challenges and opportunities for mobile transition.

Our Offerings

  • Native Solutions
  • We have expertise in development of mobile application for both iOS and Android in native development platforms. We create innovative mobile solutions with rich UX and integration with cloud for media streaming, collaboration, etc. We build iOS application using Objective-C or Swift programing language and use Android SDK for native mobile application development.

  • Cross Platform Solutions
  • We evaluate the client needs and recommend right technology stack with due tradeoff. We have strong track record of creating powerful cross-platform mobile apps using Ionic Phonegap, Xamarin and ReactNative script. We have published a renowned white paper on comparison of these three platforms and you can view that in our blog section.

  • Startup Mobile Applications
  • We understand the needs of startup and their pain point and we have defined specific engagement model when it comes to mobile app development for startup. We have excellent track record in commercializing many ideas and we love working with startup community.

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile strategy is a vital constituent of digital transformation for enterprises and we offer consulting and implementation services for enterprise mobility. Our solution provides offerings on business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) segments for Automobile, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Retail, Healthcare, Travel and Logistics, Energy and Utilities, Banking, Finance and Insurance industries.

  • Web backend and Restful API services
  • We are full stack mobile platform solution provider. We have a team of developers with expertise in web programing like NodeJs/Java/MS .NET to build the web backend and also build Restful API and webAPI services based on client needs.

Mobile Application Development - Recent Portfolio


OptiSol – the Microsoft Application Development Partner, provides full-cycle .NET development services to cater the ever-changing needs of business irrespective of its size. We leverage our expertise and years of experience in .NET development to deliver high-performance, process-oriented cutting edge applications and software products that help your business keep pace in the competitive marketplace.

.NET development acts as core application service for OptiSol which makes us one of the top specialists in technology. This fetches many ISVs, Enterprises and Government organizations as our client across the globe. We specialize in building custom Web, Desktop, Mobile, Enterprise and Cloud applications to cater precise needs.

  • Consulting: Every business is unique with its own challenges. We offer our .NET consulting services and provide our clients with custom .NET solutions to address business specific needs that an off-the-shelf software.
  • Application Development and Product Customization: Developing new applications using Microsoft .Net technology along with SQL server and performance tuning. We also have experienced and dedicated teams for Products Customization, Extension and Integration.
  • Custom Vertical Solutions: Designing, Developing and Testing flexible and scalable custom vertical solutions that are tailor-made to address your precise business needs.
  • Application Migration: Migrating legacy and other application to .NET platform while boosting its performance.
  • Mobile App Development: Business apps for mobile developed with years of experience in Windows app development using state-of-the-art technologies and time proven practices.
  • Quality Analysis: Helping clients to fix bugs and build patches for existing applications.
  • Maintenance and Support: Enhancing existing application as well as providing support for all the applications built on Microsoft technologies.
  • Microsoft .NET is the preferred framework for development of web applications and especially for enterprise level applications with high performance and security standards.
  • Provides a wide range of solutions for different reporting requirements for each application using SQL Reporting Service requirements.
  • Design and develop reports against the requirements set out and can even completely custom dynamic reports for each user using VB / C #. Net CLR code.
  • Knowledge Of Web Technologies, Windows Application, WPF, Silverlight, MVC3, Razor, Entity Framework.

Microsoft Application Development - Recent Portfolio

Design thinking + Agility = OptiGile

Our tailored agile methodology to meet specific client engagement needs driven by design thinking

We learn about the audience for whom you are designing – Who is user?
Create a point of view (PoV) based user needs – What is their need?
Brainstorm and come up with as many solution options – What are options?
Create a rough draft of the solution for representation – Can I show?
Share your MVP and get feedback – Does it work?

Why Optisol

Digital SMAC
Consultative engagement with digital transformation built on SMAC
Prototype 2 Build
Collaborate and Prototype before building via Design Thinking
Tool driven iterative releases and milestone linked payment
Competitive Pricing
Leverage our proven onsite-offshore framework
Expertise in various technology stacks


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