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Azure Service Offerings

Azure - a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through our global network of datacenters. Integrated tools, DevOps and a marketplace support you in efficiently building anything from simple mobile apps to internet-scale solutions.

Azure integrated tools, from mobile DevOps to serverless computing support your productivity. Azure supports a range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices. Connect data and apps in the cloud and on-premises—for maximum portability and value from your existing investments. Azure offers hybrid consistency in application development, management and security, identity management and across the data platform.

Our Azure Service Offerings

  • Azure WebApps: Quickly build, deploy and scale enterprise-grade web, mobile and API apps running on any platform. Meet rigorous performance, scalability, security and compliance requirements while using a fully-managed platform to perform infrastructure maintenance.
  • Azure Blob Storage: With exabytes of capacity and massive scalability, Blob storage stores from hundreds to billions of objects in hot, cool or archive tiers, depending on how often data access is needed. Store any type of unstructured data—images, videos, audio, documents and more—easily and cost-effectively.
  • Azure notifications: Azure Notification is a massively scalable mobile push notification engine for quickly sending millions of notifications to iOS, Android, Windows or Kindle devices, working with APNs (Apple Push Notification service), GCM (Google Cloud Messaging), WNS (Windows Push Notification Service), MPNS (Microsoft Push Notification Service) and more. Tailor your notifications to specific customers—or entire audiences—with just a few lines of code and do it on any platform. Notification Hubs is flexible enough to plug into any back end—Microsoft.NET, PHP, Java, Node.js—whether it is located on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Azure Scheduler: Azure Scheduler lets you create jobs in the cloud that invoke services inside and outside of Azure—such as calling HTTP/S endpoints or posting messages to Azure Storage queues or Azure Service Bus queues or topics. Run jobs right away, on a recurring schedule, or at some point in the future.
  • Azure Virtual Machines: Gives the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions—development and testing, running applications and extending your datacenter. It is the freedom of open-source software configured the way you need it. It is as if it was another rack in your datacenter, giving you the power to deploy an application in seconds instead of weeks.
  • Visual Recognition (Cognitive Services): Infuse your apps, websites, and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication. Transform your business with AI today

DevOps Service with Azure

  • Use our integrated toolset to speed the development and delivery of your software applications. Build better apps for any platform including iOS, Android, Java, Linux or Windows.
  • VSTS / TFS – has customized development process to suit your organization for any platform (Windows or Java) in Cloud or On-Premises.
  • CI / CD Process - Developers, check-in developed code to VSTS as soon as the code is checked in it will start the build process automatically, once the build completed successfully the compiled source will get invoked by release and it is deployed in different environments based on configuration/settings in the release plan with appropriate approvals from different release managers group, based on the approval it will be deployed in appropriate environment.
  • PRACTICES - PLAN: Agile process template management, Product / Portfolio / Project backlog management, Sprint backlog management, Defect Management and Tracker, Kanban Boards and work items visualization and Dashboards
  • PRACTICES - DEVELOP: Version controlling using VS Online / TFS, Code using IDE – Visual Studio, Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration, Automated Test Results and Code Coverage Report, Manual Testing and Gated check-in
  • PRACTICES - RELEASE: Continuous Deployment, Release Management and Automated scale up / scale down from Azure
  • PRACTICES - OPERATE: Monitor - Application insights, Notification Configuration and Continuous Feedbacks

Design thinking + Agility = OptiGile

Our tailored agile methodology to meet specific client engagement needs driven by design thinking

We learn about the audience for whom you are designing – Who is user?
Create a point of view (PoV) based user needs – What is their need?
Brainstorm and come up with as many solution options – What are options?
Create a rough draft of the solution for representation – Can I show?
Share your MVP and get feedback – Does it work?

Why Optisol

Digital SMAC
Consultative engagement with digital transformation built on SMAC
Prototype 2 Build
Collaborate and Prototype before building via Design Thinking
Tool driven iterative releases and milestone linked payment
Competitive Pricing
Leverage our proven onsite-offshore framework
Expertise in various technology stacks


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