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  • SwiftMotion is a Silicon Valley start-up that is specializing in ergonomics assessment and injury prevention at workplaces.
  • This platform PoseMedic is built with the latest advances in Pose Estimation models. This app allows the users to take an image or a video of someone doing at their workstation/desk and immediately assess their posture and generate ergonomics scores to help prevent injuries.
  • Ergonomics assessment like RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) and REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) had been done manually by trained consultants visiting the work place.
  • The surge in work from home due to Covid resulted in many office workers working at non-standard home offices that can result in repetitive stress injury due to bad posture.
  • PoseMedic uses the latest advances in Vision Intelligence and Human Pose estimation to automatically assess posture and generate RULA and REBA scores.
  • This enables the HR and Health and Safety departments to assess the risk of repetitive stress injuries and take preventive measures.

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Business Value


Pose Medic gives the end-to-end capability for the workforce to upload images/videos in the appperform posture analysis and ergonomics assessment with the necessary reporting and dashboard for stakeholders to make decisions 


Traditional ways of assessing ergonomics are ripe for a change with the new-age work setting and workforce.  


Workplace injuries are one of the important causes of liability and productivity loss for organizations. 


PoseMedic gives a unique opportunity for the organization’s HR/Health and Safety department to continually assess the ergonomics risk of their workforce. 

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