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  • Power International Holding (PIH) consists of a diverse portfolio of businesses from PIH’s 5 key sectors: General Contracting, Real Estate Development, Food Industries, Lifestyle and Services.
  • PIH aims to ensure sustainability and success of each business within various sectors by providing every entity with tools and resources together with central functional support.

The Digital

  • Enterprise Mobility solution to enhance user adoption and patronage of Power International Holding (PIH) HRMS application
  • Implementation of Mobile app based for existing web-based Oracle E-business suite HRM module

Business Value


Leave Management

Encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work and supervisors use to grant or deny leave based on organization policies

Online Payslip

This feature shall be visible for all the application users. The employees can enter the month and year to get the specified month’s pay slip.


HR/Manager Staff shall have access to this feature. If an employee is leaving the organization, the HR can terminate the specified person.

Timesheet Enquiry

Employees can view their timesheet for their working days. They can view the information such as Entry time, breaks and Exit time along with permission duration

Letter Request

Allow employees to post a request for any reference letter’s needs. The Request from the employees shall be viewed by the HR/Manager team.


Employees can create resignation requests with a reason which shall be sent to their immediate reporting person. The HR/ Manager can view the list of employee’s resignations and its status.

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