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Robotic Process Automation to define business rules

Automate the process collaboratively and create custom activities build their business in the UiPath platform

Visual Globe

To use Computer Vision Image Segmentation model to automate Utility pole preventive maintenance and audit. 

Gesture Recognition Training Platform

OptiSol helps a startup company incorporate vision Intelligence and machine learning solutions in the development of an AI-powered platform that helps in translating sign gestures.

Multi-angular Pose estimation technique to avoid Work place injuries

OptiSol leverages a combination of vision intelligence and Human Pose estimation in helping Silicon valley startup prevent workplace injuries and improve employee well-being.

Retail Customer Behavior Analytics

To use Face recognition, Mood estimation, Age and gender recognition Computer Vision models to offer cutting edge retail customer behavior analytics. 

Physicians review sentiment analysis

An enterprise solution where patient’s reviews regarding their doctor’s visit are analysed, and scored based on sentiments and ranked based on positive and negative attributes

Facial Emotion Recognition

A subscription-based web app to recognize facial emotions and read potential customers’ moods that in turn improves retail store’s revenue.

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