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End of life for AngularJS – 5 Compelling reasons to migrate to Angular

Angular JS will be Desupported from June 30, 2021. Explore your needs to migrate to Angular here.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to migrate to Angular


Angular has reduced the bundled file size by 60% when compared to Angular JS. This means faster application speeds and performance.

Better architecture:

Unlike the bulky and cumbersome two-way data binding process of Angular JS, Angular has an architecture built on hierarchy of components and services. This empowers developers to reuse elements and results in faster timelines of project delivery.

Leveraging the advantages of Typesafety:

Angular uses Typescript to provide Typesafety, which effectively is a super-set of Javascript and is extremely beneficial in identifying bugs in a multi-developer, large project scenario.

Smoothest Transition:

Angular is the latest upgrade of the spectacularly popular and successful Angular JS project. Hence the transition has been made intrinsically smooth

Slew of inbuilt tools:

Unlike Angular JS  where external tools had to be used for testing and debugging, Angular comes equipped with these tools along with command line tools (You can read more about this by clicking here to read our case study (our link)

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