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Build Future Proof Applications using Microservices Framework.

Adopt Cloud.Foster Innovation. We call it Platform Engineering.

325% ROI : 50% faster deployments : 65% faster developer on boarding
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Building application faster that fosters innovation is the key for business to stay relevant and future proof in the marketplace.
Innovation can foster when application development can happen in an environment where apps get delivered frequently as independent services,
tech stacks handshake, new cloud capabilities get adopted, and teams align on agile principles. We call it platform engineering.

Our platform engineering focuses on building cloud native applications backed up by strong agile foundations,
  • Build and deliver working software frequently.
  • Assemble SCRUM teams
  • Build apps as microservice using Azure Service Fabric
  • Containerize application using Azure Kubernates and deploy seamlessly withAzure DevOps using CI / CD pipeline
  • Focus App and DB as a Azure Service
  • Offload database demands through asset caching with Azure Cache
  • Plan for auto-scale on demand
Our Cloud Native App Development Framework
Check our case study on how we assisted an Australian based Testing Service Provider to build a
crowdsource based testing platform on a Microservices Framework.in migrating from an On Prem to Azure Cloud.
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