The Top 5 Test Automation Frameworks in 2022 | Cypress | Jest | Mocha

JavaScript consistently ranks as the world’s most popular programming language among developers. Around 95% of all websites have been built using the language, according to the latest figures. A variety of JavaScript test automation frameworks is available to help developers test JavaScript apps.

Please have look at the top five such frameworks, with high-level details


Cypress makes end-to-end testing really easy to set up, execute, and analyze. Indeed, it has gained huge popularity among developers recently for its ease of use.

2. Jest

Jest is one of the leading test frameworks for unit and integration testing. It is developed and maintained by Facebook, with strong community support behind it.

3. Mocha

Mocha is an established, open-source JavaScript automation testing framework. It is a bit complicated to set up in the beginning, but there is strong community support and many articles to help you get started.

4. Nightwatch

Nightwatch.js is an end-to-end test framework based on the W3C Web Driver API. It has gained attention over recent years for its easy integration with websites and web applications based on Node.js.

5. Protractor

Protractor is one of the crucial automated and JavaScript testing frameworks. It is most commonly used as an end-to-end behavior-driven testing tool, specifically for AngularJS.

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