You would all probably be wondering why the name “Eureka”, for a corner talk. It dates back to the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes, who had proclaimed “Eureka! Eureka!”, after he had stepped into his bathtub and noticed that the level of water in his tub rose. It was later evolved to be Archimedes’ principle.

Eureka is an expression or a feeling of exclamation, used to celebrate a discovery or invention.

To boast more about this space, it is an open discussion forum intended to bring in collaborative, creative and innovative ideas. The place has a small open coffee table, stationery and a bookshelf with books on management and technology. You are welcome to bring books which you think might be of great use to others and share it. The walls have also been converted to boards to help discuss ideas. You can use the corner for your small talks or chats as well.

Eureka corner was named so because this is where people can meet up, discuss and come up with new ideas. It is just a small area inside our office space.

OptiSol Business eureka corner Hall

An all Analog space that helps you create ideas for a Digital World.

Ever since the inauguration in the month of February 2018, it has really been a beneficial initiative to each and every one of us, thus far.

eureka corner12

Eureka corner not just stops there but has extended into a platform where people from various walks of life are being invited to host lectures and speeches on various sectors. Having had the idea of organizing a meetup once in a quarter, we have completed two successful events so far for the 1st and 2nd quarters.

We as Optisolites, always focus on listening, learning and harnessing individual passions and talents and the Eureka corner is one such exemplar.

Keep coming back if you are eager to know more about the “Eureka Corner Talk” events!


Yong Lee - CEO of Vision Point Systems

As our first initiative to the Eureka Corner Talk in the month of February, we had had the pleasure of inviting Mr.Yong Lee, the Founder, and CEO of Vision Point Systems. VPS is a provider of Software and Material engineering for Government entities, especially the U.S Navy and the Air Force. He was kind enough to give us an interactive speech on adaptability.

VPS and OBS have been doing business together since August 2006 and ever since then, there has only been a growth in OBS and one of the major factors is adaptability, as mentioned by Mr.Yong. His primary focus was on how we need to let go of old ideas and learn new ones and our initiative to change the approach towards it. We, as a company has evolved so much in terms of Technology and platforms. A special thanks to our team for the Adaptability in their mindset, the ability to prolong and hold on to our Culture codes and the eagerness to learn new technology. All these factors have led to the growth and success so far.

He had also mentioned the loyalty of a few of our members, who he remembers seeing a few years back are still working with us. Trust is an important aspect of any relationship, especially the trust that the management of OBS has with its employees is impeccable. Finally, he appreciated our Directors for their trustworthiness and honesty. The validation of decision making and analysis, our senior leadership is continuing to rain upon, has pursued us to grow more and more.

Stick around to know more about our 2nd quarter’s event.


As a succession to our Eureka Corner Talk initiative, the second session happened during the month of May 2019. We had invited Mr. Sukumar Rajagopal, the Founder, and CEO of a Behavior Transformer and Digital Transformation enabler startup called, Tiny Magiq. He has 30 years of prior experience in the IT services industry. He was a Senior Vice President, Global CIO and Head of Innovation in Cognizant. He had given us a lecture on the topic “Grassroots Innovation” which was followed by the launch of our very own “Eureka Spot” application.

Grassroots Innovation, as the name suggests is an approach to providing solutions to problems by digging deeper into the bottom of the iceberg. Jumping to conclusions or by-passing the situation by looking at the tip of the iceberg will not help solve problems.

Grassroots Innovation - Sukumar Speech

Mr.Sukumar took the liberty to explain to us a few things about the barriers that are stopping us from innovating. A few barriers that have been globally agreed upon by humanity are; the inability to take risks, the so-called myth of having a busy schedule and having no time to think or rather laziness to think, and the fear of criticism or fear of what others might think about our innovation. It has been noted that these same factors have been accepted across companies, across cultures, and across languages because all human beings think in the same way.

The major factor of all these as disclosed by Mr.Sukumar

The major factor of all these as disclosed by Mr. Sukumar was, the fact that we are being blinded by the myth that time is a constraint stopping us from innovating. Innovation is all about mindset. If we let ourselves believe that we do not have the time and energy to think and innovate, then we are not trying harder. Of course, innovation requires a lot of thought process and action. How are we trying to overcome it? Are we trying harder when there is a crisis or a situation? Are we giving our best or do we just jump to conclusions?

Collaboration is the solution to the problem as cited by him. Whenever there is a technical objection, involve your peers and build a prototype. Work among teams, discuss among everyone the possibilities and non-possibilities.

“Do not stop at the first step, dig deeper and you might find a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Because in the end, Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal and we Optisolites take pride in doing so.

The discussion about Eureka Spot App

The discussion was really interactive where many were given the opportunity to talk and share their thoughts. One of our employees had even received a gift coupon forgiven the right answer to one of his puzzles. Many were appreciated with hi-fi for giving the right answers to his questions.

Eureka Spot Mobile App - OptiSol Business Solutions Chennai

The session was followed by the launch of our very own “Eureka Spot” application. The app lets you post your random thoughts or ideas, boost and interact with other people’s ideas with likes and comments, be engaged with new ideas, privatize your ideas, and most important of all, post your ideas hands-free using Voice Recognition.

Eureka Spot Discussion App Developers

We take pride in disclosing that the application has been developed by two of our fresh minds; Ms. Azhagammal, Junior Java developer and Mr. Subashmanian, Android developer, the masterminds behind it. This app is a perfect example of working collaboratively. It lets you note ideas on the go, post it in our forum and the best idea will be selected based on the number of likes and interactions.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to come back in order to discover, whom we will be inviting for the 3rd quarter program of our Eureka corner.


Written By:
Sharon Jemima. R
Sharon Jemima is working as a Business Analyst at Optisol Business Solutions. Having started her employment as an Implementation Consultant, she has had experience as a Content writer and Technical writer and was able to transform her profession into a Business Analyst, in a short span of time. She is passionate about her job and is dedicated to her work. She is a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

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