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Tech Acronyms and Jargons

This is not for serious readers and experts. Just my musings for entrants to tech world.

I was thinking about newer tech jargons that have evolved lately like DeepTech, AI, CV etc and it is as much fun to quote them to illustrate our intelligence, but I think it inhibits few from exploring with a wrongly conceived notion that it is something complex. I see more of continuity of what every innovator was trying to solve for past 20 years and it’s more of juggling words and consolidation due to advancements in tech infrastructure.

About 10 years back, we used to have a help assistant in MS Office (versions 97 to 2003), which is an animated paperclip and I used to play with it with stupid questions when bored. It used to have sense of intelligence when you start drafting a formal letter and it will pop up recommendations for templates etc. Analogically, Chatbots are doing the same stuff. We used to have an option in MS Word where you can talk using a mic and the text will added automatically (though it had lot of issues) and again analogically it is similar to language processing and tech around voicebots.

During my CRM days, about 10 years back, my ex-boss was so passionate about building a tool that analyzes user behavior based on clicks and presents interesting reports. There were no jargons for that at that time and he just called it a monitoring application. The emergence of cloud and availability of infrastructure and services around that has helped all these technologies and related use cases evolve into next paradigm.

On the business side the jargons are so short lived that by the time you conceptualize, its already dead. For OptiSol, prior to our current version, we had a short lived website with the theme around SMAC (Social – Mobile – Analytical – Cloud) and by the time we were orienting towards that, its dead and everyone started talking about Digital. Microsoft was talking about Mobile first – Cloud first in 2015 and its already moving towards AI first now.

My recommendations to entrants to tech world are:

  • The new technologies and jargons are just trying to solve business cases and user needs and try to understand that prior to tech.
  • Understand the eco system behind that (like whether it fits in cloud or hardware etc.) and the macro picture will give a better insight.
  • To understand the trends and buzzwords, subscribe to tech magazines newsletters and make sure to read them from your inbox everyday. A repetitive pattern will help you to give some serious thought about that
  • Never ignore any trend or jargon with a notion that its complex. With usability, empathy and design thinking in mind, every enterprises create an abstract layer and make it easy to understand and consume.


Hope you enjoyed it – thanks for your time – look forward to comments