Social Community Plug & Play Platform

Social Community Plug & Play Platform

Every night new social networking websites keep cropping in the web world. The business models within the social media realm are much different than traditional businesses. In a period of hesitation, with marketing and media budgets being slashed, with more demanding goals being set for return on investment and with a want for alternatives to the practice currently being used, advertisers, agencies and the websites themselves see great marketing potential in virtual social networks.

“Lesser artists borrow; great artists steal.” Steve Jobs.

Definitely his saying would apt when creating a social networking site with an intend to rule the web.

Most of the developers had switched from developing the social networking site from scratch using PHP to highly customizable platforms that pave way to flexibility and to reuse. We have lots of open source standardized tools available in the market to carve out your niche social networking websites Below we are going to cover some renowned open source platforms that allow you to create very own networking site and run it on your own choice.


PhpFoX was initially created in 2005 and the script started out as a “custom” script which was now the “The future” of social networking scripts. The core phpFoX engine is well written and unencrypted. Most webmasters wish to customize the script and you will definitely need to know your php and mysql to do so. The program is well built with a standard architecture, and if you know what you’re doing, then it will be easy to customize. The recent version is Ajax based, supports different types of php caching (memcache, apc cache or flat file caching) for performance and also supports clustering. The built in features includes Apps, Ad campaigns, WYSIWYG editor, friends, poll forum, multilingual, subscription etc.

Social Engine:

Social Engine is the next generation software that offers a foundation you could extend with many plugins. Social Engine, a script Powered by the PHP Zend Framework. Social Engine relies on a current technologies that gives it for free very important technical features like a cache management, ORM, database abstraction, well designed URLs and a protected environment. It is a feature-rich white label social networking application that supports almost any concept. The stable platform is designed to give you the flexibility to implement your own unique features and layout.

The following are the prior reasons why more audience are attracted towards Social engine-Highly customizable, Smooth frame of updates, Totally decoded, Availability of more plug-in and templates, Smooth server scripts relationship that does not cause much server load.


JomSocial is a Joomla-based platform for building social networks and community websites with collaboration tools. Its key advantage is that is easy to use and integrate. Jomsocial have its own inbuilt features that allow the users to create their own group upload photos, sending private messages etc. It encompasses a variety of templates and can be selected based on the need. Many jom social Plugins are available in web space and it allows user arranging JomSocial applications in a custom way. The key factor with many extensions is whether they can convince other developer to make their work compatible. Its is built on top of Joomla powerful open source platform that is extremely scalable for small community such as Start-up Company, hobby sites, and church sites to million dollars enterprise websites that need social engine to drive sales and conversions. Yet, JomSocial is particularly secured because of its strong Joomla open source platform.


NING is a premium web app that allows you to create you very own social network. It comes in three formats, mini, plus and pro. If you ever used MySpace, NING will be familiar. Ning is a web-based interface that bundles a number of separately available technologies in a single unified, hosted, people management platform. Specifically, Ning integrates a blog, wiki, forum, photo/video gallery, “latest activity” micro feed, and events calendar and member manager. Extended functionality includes the ability to add widgets, form sub groups and organize projects. It finds no difficulty to set up the networks and have a good configuration options to configure to our need.

The reality about social media is that it change constantly, and as such, these stages signifies a moment in time. They will continue to evolve and expand with new technologies and experiences. In the end, social media is a privilege and a tool and another opportunity to run a more meaningful and relevant business.

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