SOA for Mobile and Cloud

SOA for Mobile and Cloud

Enterprises today connect with customers, employees and partners with greater flexibility than ever. Cloud based and mobile applications enable such flexibility for the enterprises. However, Cloud and Mobile solutions require a lot of cross platform delivery of consistent services. In Enterprises with distributed applications, these applications need to look at data across multiple contexts.

Companies discover that to be able to use the cloud services, the SaaS things, mobile delivery or extensive two way social media integration, they need to look at SOA as their internal development way of doing things as well. They understand they need to do the architecture internally, and if they’re going to use lots of external cloud services, you might as well use SOA to do that.

Application Program Interfaces (APIs), are supported by SOA to perform certain task specific services. These APIs are used in mobile and cloud computing solutions as the prime medium of communications. In Enterprise level Mobile and Cloud applications, APIs act as the façade with the integration, security, governance and management of services provided by SOA.

The need for cross support for legacy, cloud types of services, mobile solutions, social outreach and using a variety of protocol, transports and integration types are inevitable. The way it’s being implemented is using RESTful services, as well as SOAP services, which is different from traditional SOA. However, there will still be the need for object brokering and some of the more traditional enterprise integration approaches.

Especially in the context of the cloud, SOA and the concept of service contracts are really coming to the fore. The cloud context, added with mobile and social outreach thus involves more of the need to be able to support, enforce, and apply governance concepts and audit concepts, the capabilities to ensure that the interaction meets quality of service guarantees.

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