Pongal Celebration at OptiSol - OptiSol

Pongal Celebration at OptiSol

Pongal Celebration at OptiSol

Thanks for all your support and coordination to have the fruitful celebration for “Pongal”

We had an enthusiastic celebration of our Traditional festival Pongal. Its very nice to have our colleagues dressed up in an ethnic wear with dhoties and sarees and it made the event lively.

The Game “Uriyadi” @Vadapalani replicates our customs, it was so funny that the beautifully decorated earthern pot filled with chocolates and flowers was hung with the rope and it was smashed by a long stick with our eyes blindfolded.

We had an another interesting game “Sugarcane Eating Race” at Guindy , which is related with this sweet festival. Guys showed their talent in biting the sugarcane vigorously by having the Juicy fruits. It was an another amusing game with fun and laughter.

We were excited to have one of our clients from Australia participating in the festival celebration, she enjoyed herself in making Pongal, Rangoli and in taking part game activities.

Madurai Girls celebrated this time with their artwork of laying Rangoli Designs with the Pongal Paanai.. that was really awesome !!!

Finally ended up the gathering with the Pooja and had yummy Sakkarai Pongal made at our office.

It has been an excellent evening and felt like our homely celebration !!!!!!!

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