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OptiSol reorients its BPO service offerings

Outsourcing has been the buzz word since the world turned flat with globalization. The geographical barriers and boundaries have been overcome with seamless interactions aided by technology. The capital has become more global and so do the services. Cutting across industries, the service providers have been acting globally where they think globally and act locally. This has facilitated services to be floated across geographies.

Evolution of outsourcing:

•Early 1950s: Corporation were of huge size with focus on direct control and ownership
•1970s: Organizations started focusing on diversification of corporate and economies of scale
•1980s: With expanding services and geographies, many organizations started facing span of management issues. The competitions started crossing boundaries. Organizations started focusing on core Vs supplementary processes
•1990s: With the advent of globalization, world has become flat with falling walls and facilitating technologies. Y2K issue set the platform for outsourcing with huge demand for manpower
•2000s: Set on a globalized platform, organizations started focusing on partnership driven business strategy, aka ‘Insourcing’. The organizations started focusing on core activities and outsource supplementary activities

The outsourcing value Chain:

The outsourcing approach for any organization goes through a typical value chain. Organizations want to focus on their core activities and leave ancillary services to the specialist. A typical slang that can describe this in nutshell, my back office is your front office. This is followed by technology outsourcing when supporting services are getting outsourcing which is then followed by the actual business process. This successive outsourcing and learning helps the organization to engage at partnership based engagement where the typical in-sourcing happens.

Outsourcing Services:

OptiSol as a solution service provider has been offering BPO services across industries. In tune with emerging trends in outsourcing, OptiSol reorients its offering to extend its platform across industries. OptiSol believes that by leveraging its learning curve and use of appropriate domain expertise, the outsourcing framework can be extended different verticals and platforms.

The range of services includes,

1.Business support functions outsourcing-Includes complete process management for functions like HR, Finance & Accounting, Medical Billing & Coding
2.Data Process Outsourcing-End to end data management from data collection, data stratification, data modeling and reporting. This includes market research services to collect secondary data from World Wide Web on varied subjects and presenting them in specified formats. We also bring in expertise to build data models leveraging tools like pivot tables and then applying statistical analysis to generate reports

Payroll outsourcing
Virtual team augmentation
Financial Reporting
Financial Management
Medical Billing
Account Receivables / Payable / General Accounting

We approach BPO services as a natural extension of our core expertise, technology driven business solutions. We approach BPO services on two perspectives,

• Perspective 1-near term, cost arbitrage as the near term immediate value
• Perspective 2-long term, remove process bottlenecks and build efficiency into the business process through technology

With the above said perspectives, we have delivered BPO services on varying business models. One such engagement includes successfully ramping up a claims processing unit for a leading health care BPO service provider on a BOT model.

Our service propositions:

• Flexible engagement models-choice of the customers to select ITO / BPO engagement on their business situation. OptiSol engages with their customer on a consulting mind set and drafts a “ as-is” process maps of their existing business processes. At OptiSol, we extensively use six sigma frameworks to arrive at these process maps so the process bottlenecks / gaps are presented to the customers.Solutions are proposed at various combination levels that helps them to choose redesigning the existing process through IT optimizations / process outsourcing or combination of both
Pilot programs
• Domain experience on the markets we serve we have certified professionals, who knows the challenges associated with both the markets that we serve
• BPO as a natural extension of our core expertise solutions to business processes through technology
• Infrastructure secured and controlled physical infrastructure

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