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Talent Casting – New Age Transformation

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The Entertainment industry emerges from the legacy technology to the digital world with changes in technology, market trends, competition, demographic preferences and mobile.

The industry depends on the success factors such as revenue streams, distribution outlets and distinct utilization. In order to sustain in the current market environment, the industry need to focus on innovative and efficient approaches in the fields of content development, distribution, operations, technology, and monetization. These factors makes the industry adaptive to strategies, capabilities and operating model.

The growth of the industry can be determined from the emerging markets of Latin America, Asia, Russia and the Middle East. Even the traditional distribution and regulation barrier has become insignificant with the rapid development of digital Media. The growth of entertainment companies was determined via the partnerships, acquisitions and exposure across these regions.


The Entertainment industry covers sectors such as leading film studios, radio broadcasters, television networks, music companies and other media entities. In order to enhance innovation in the industry, the industry client needs to have deep domain expertise collaborated with digital experience.

Segments of IT services for Entertainment Industry

IT services For Entertainment Industry

“OptiSol Digital Media Service Center of Excellence is expertized in advertising, Filmed entertainment, Print & Publishing, etc. This article focuses on film entertainment with specific views on Talent Casting”

Talent Casting Service – Overview

Talent Casting Service

Talent casting service is emerging with the demand for new or experienced actors for TV commercials and films. Casting service acts as the key element for successfully organizing the art production. It also provides space for both the talents and the casting team to communicate and get further projects.

The production companies prefer to hire talents through a casting company or director rather than hiring directly. Also, the production company selects the casting company or director who in turn hires for different roles (with respective talents) needed for the specified production.

The casting company or director gets the list of applied talents and filter them based on the needs of the production companies. The selected talents shall be called or scheduled for the auditions. Auditions shall be similar to a job interview where the specified talents, performs their arts in front of the casting panel. Casting panels generally comprise of casting director (or company representative), producer, director and/or choreographer. Based on the talent’s portfolio and audition performance, the result shall be announced.

The casting company

Talent Casting Application & Functionalities

The legacy talent selection process involves the selection of talents amongst the huge applications, segmentation based on location or experience, etc. This process shall be time-consuming and also a nightmare for the selection team. To automate this process, OptiSol has automated the process on top of a cloud sourcing engine.

Talents, these users can be actors, singers, dancers, or fighters and they can post their profile and get project calls.

Casting Company or Director, these user are the ones who search for talents and offers projects to them.

How it works?

How it works? - Talent Casting

Our Expertise in Talent Casting Application

OptiSol has an excellent portfolio and client references across the geography which illustrates our technology capabilities and vertical expertise. We have successfully launched 3 talent casting mobile as well as web application and you can find the brief description on each below:

Talent Casting - Virgo Talent

Virgo Inc. needed to implement an automated business process for its talent casting service. The application allows talents and casting directors to sign up with the platform and post projects. Internally, admin users from Virgo Talent mobilizes the talent from available talent database on the posted projects. Virgo Inc. acts as an intermediary between talent and casting directors. The necessary workflow are in built into the platform. The application is integrated with Braintree payment gateway.

Casting App Development Services in USA

CastCaller, an online collaborative platform for casting industry members to connect with each other through project postings, submit their talent profile for the projects posted by other members, etc. Project gets posted grouped by state/province and cities and members get notified on these projects based on cities or province. Supports Scheduling, project worksheets and Social media integration.


Talent casting portal with specific for Ireland. Acts as the platform for casting directors, actors and agents to communicate with each other. Casting directors can post jobs, setup audition, and shortlist and get the project done. The actors or talents can enhance their career by joining the application and get projects. Whereas the agents can assist the actors in finding the right project and build business relations.

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