Ganesha Chathurthi at OptiSol

Ganesha Chathurthi at OptiSol

We had a grand celebration of “Ganesha Chathurthi” this year at our office that truly mixed the spiritual and secular fabric of this beautiful nation with a management orientation of team development.

We had an exciting competition of “Making of Ganesha” with limited resources but with unlimited creativity. All our colleagues participated enthusiastically as they were divided into teams and provided with the colorful clay sachets, ornament papers and other items for decoration.

The teams were from different background and experience but they managed to collaborate, plan, and execute the tasks. They had spent one and half a day for the competition in the midst of their routine job. The result was overwhelming as we could see the colorful papers, bay decorations and Ganesh idols across the floor.

The highlight of the Ganesha idols were the Ganesha’s made of leaves and buttons along with clay, the umbrellas for the Ganesha were made up of CD’s, Paper Cups etc. We perceived a lot of creativity hidden among our colleagues and it was amazing to see their collaboration and team development skills.

This event was a complete chill out for our team and we enjoyed the “Making” with the team spirit.

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