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Forex Solutions


International migration is the major global phenomenon which grows complexity and impact on Foreign Exchange. To manage this change, exchange institutions need the technology assistance in order to develop ways for moving money overseas or within countries.

Our Forex Platform – a digital solution for Foreign Remittance Business houses to serve their customers better. The solution aids in easy sourcing of customers and takes the services to the end users’ devices including smart phones and desktops. Customers can easily transact through mobile, web and also visit own or agent branches and process seamless transactions.

The ubiquitous back office help source and manage agents, agent contracts, reconciliation, Inter branch transactions and compliance reports. In addition, the integration to third party services including Bank Transfers, Fraud Prevention and Electronic submission of compliance reports makes it a one stop solution for end to end Foreign Remittance solution from Customer Onboarding to Compliance disclosure encompassing Deal Closure, Deal Settlement, Bank Transfers, Reconciliation and Compliance reporting.

The solution can be hosted On Premise, On Cloud or on a Hybrid Cloud makes it quick to implement will lesser upfront cost.
This paper provides an overview of the forex services along with illustration of how it works, user roles, solution architecture and API integrations.

For more information about Forex Solutions, Please visit our white paper: http://www.optisolbusiness.com/optisol_forex_remittance_white_paper.pdf