Footprints of Success – Lessons learnt in adopting Digital Transformation - OptiSol

Footprints of Success – Lessons learnt in adopting Digital Transformation

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Organizations that have successfully embraced Digital Transformation are well on their mark to reap the real benefits and RoI (Return on Investments). For every success story, however, there are many more perceived or real failures. It is equally good to know about lost wars and fallen heroes. Here’s how to make sure Digital Transformation earns a great reputation in your organization.

Three simple measures to validate your success with digital transformation:

1.Enhanced customer engagement and experience at every touchpoint
2.Smart workforce management
3.Productivity/process optimization

Common Strategic failures:

=> Organizational resistance to design thinking
=> Leveraging wrong digital drivers and ambassadors
=> Big bang approach instead of keeping it small and simple with pilot projects and then moving rapidly
=> Aversion to emerging technologies and cloud offerings
=> Disconnect with Millennials – Social media and mobile devices
=> Top-down push instead  of bottom-up stakeholder buy-in
=> Cultural resistance

The footprints:

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time;

                         – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The success patterns or footprints of digital transformation:

1) Companies that digitally transform before their competition receive the benefits of first-mover advantage and competitive edge and the culture that is inherited during transition is something that your competitor will not be able to copy or replicate.
2) A better customer experience and engagement in the organization is reflected in surveys and revenue.
3) An enhanced brand reputation that helps in business sustainability
4) Streamlined operations for efficient cost control
5) Increase in sales that drives your topline
6) Retention of customers – the lesser cost of marketing and sales
7) Improve management decisions – Data-driven decisions
8) Quick to market with the rapid development of new products and services
9) Design thinking – A company culture that encourages creativity and innovation.

OptiSol 5 steps digital transformation process:

We at OptiSol, have created a simple 5 steps digital transformation process for organizations that takes design thinking, organization cultural change, usage of technology, leveraging data, and finding means to measure success and RoI.

Five Steps Digital Transformation - OptiSol Business Solutions

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