Finding e-Business Consultant: Your Job Half Done, When You Find The Right People

Finding e-Business Consultant: Your Job Half Done, When You Find The Right People

An e-business solution/project can be diverse in its characteristic due to the ever changing market dynamics. Organizations may have a formal process that defines the business drivers for moving into the e-business landscape. It may be new mechanisms to reach their customers, reduce administrative process overheads, competition dynamics and many more.

On the other hand, in the case of startups, these processes may seize to exist but still can be so diverse due to evolving delivery and business models.

Given these challenges, it is imperative to have an approach towards identifying the right consultants, who will they work with?

There are certain traits that help you in ascertaining the reliable people on your job. Categorize your due diligence at two levels,

  • Pre-Selection
  • Post-Selection


Assess your consultant by his ability to articulate your need statement. Give them pointers on your business domain, your competition sites and the business objectives. Assess them on their ability to,

* Develop an e-business specification similar to requirements specification for IT projects. Evaluate if the business specification document has listed intended features. You need to assess them on how many “new meaningful” features they have brought out, which were not stated in your inputs.

* Develop a technology specification their ability to lay down the technology framework that will keep the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) minimal.

* Development Methodologies it is very important to assess how sooner their development methods will allow you to participate. It is better to recognize a problem earlier than having an unpleasant surprise at the later stage. Assess how your consultants break down the project into iterations and how they define the schedule of releases. You need to make sure they build the product incrementally.

* Budget do not get carried away by cheapest bids. Instead work with your potential consultant to evolve a feature list that will fit into your budget. A good consultant will always work through your features, identify and isolate needed features from non priority features. Statistics indicate more often, 40% features that gets developed goes as waste into trash!

* Resource Profiles seek the resumes of the resources who will be working on the project. A good project team will have right combinations of Business Analyst, Technical Lead, Developers, UI Engineers and Testers.

* Support framework – look for the time window, they will support your application post go-live. Evaluate their AMC costs.

Post Selection

Establish a schedule with your consultant and evaluate how they report on project development in terms of progress they have made against the plan. Schedule demos with the Business Analysts working on your project to ensure you understand the way the application is shaping up. This provides you with first hand information on how the users will interact with the application once it gets launched. Make early feed backs and correction.

The most common mistake the clients tend to make after establishing a relationship with the client is just to “turn over” all the responsibilities and authorities with the consultant. This can get costly. So always provide active participation during the entire course of development.

After all, you selected a consultant whose development methods allow you to participate. If you have spent all your homework towards both this pre-selection and post-selection criteria and have found a consultant, congratulations, your job is half done!

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