What is RumbleTech?

Rumbletech platform offers Foodtech solutions to reach millennials in a digital way.

A FoodTech initiative involves both food (catering, planning, distribution, agriculture, coaching, Food Science) and uses new technology in its production, distribution and ease of end user access. Increased competition, rising costs, and changes in consumer needs all characterize the evolving nature of the food service and restaurant industry. Rumbletech helps you to explore ways your company could maintain a firm grasp on recent trends to improve your bottom line and meet consumer demand. ​


How can we help you?

Web, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud platforms

Order Food via

Smart Speakers

The skill developed for foodtech allows consumers to ‘ask Alexa to re-order their most recent meal, choose between collection and delivery, check the status of their order, and confirm payment by cash or card.

ChatBots for

Order Management

We assist in creating Facebook bots (via messenger)that will integrate with web backend and ease the ordering process through chat. User can add your restaurant as a contact in their messenger and just chat with it to get menu options and then place orders. You will get alert on the orders in your web backend

Artificial Intelligence (AI) For

Menu Management

Our BI backed tools can offer excellent insight on the performance of your restaurant menu, linking with seasons and trends in your neighborhood, and making suggestions on revenue maximization.


Management System

We provide a comprehensive feedback management system that helps you to receive and manage your customer’s feedback. You can listen to your customer feedback from anywhere and get an analytical overview to act on it.


Management and Tracking

Our location based service offering helps in managing your delivery logistics, route management, proof of delivery etc.


What we have done?