Live streaming for business
community and fun events

Leverage our cloud based live streaming platform to broadcast your events to reach wider audience across the globe. Live streaming and on demand videos can make your events truly Omnichannel.


What is Evebirds?

Birds do not mark territories as they have no boundaries and why should your events alone have four walls? Evebirds is a digital platform to take your events to a wider audience using digital tools with live video streaming option. Let your events fly like a bird reaching wider audience. The platform has web and mobile tools that helps to manage your events in different phases like pre-event, live event, and post event for all stakeholders. The platform leverages cloud based services for various activities like streaming and video calling. Evebirds can be customized to meet your specific workflow needs and we help all the way from conceptualization to commercialization.

Evebirds - Modules

What can we do for you?


Multi Device Distribution

The event platform can be delivered across Desktop and Mobile Devices. The platform provides extended applications for Web, iOS, Android and Windows










For Event managers

Our web backend and mobile applications can help event managers to organize events in a professional manner using digital tools. The event content management system (eCMS) will enable them to aggregate event related information that can be distributed in multiple devices. Event managers can increase omnichannel .


For Participants

Participants can view the events either in a physical room or in a virtual room using live streaming option and they can also view the on demand videos. They can interact with fellow participants and network by booking appointments before or after the event. The participants can take part in polls or surveys in real time


Localized Aggregation

Content is the king and localized content is the emperor. In the world of information pollution, audience look for localized content information and event updates. Our tools can help you to build city guides, filtered content based on user location, and event aggregation based on location etc.


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