What is OptiStream?

OptiStream is a plug and play digital media platform that helps Startups, Small Medium Businesses and Enterprises capitalize on Video Streaming technologies. The platform makes it look easier to upload, convert, store, manage and stream video content.

How OptiStream works?

Digital Media Solution - Functional Components

Components of OptiStream

Client Layer - Web(AngularJS), Mobile(IOS and Android)

Amazon S3

Native And Custom
Video Player

Trimmer and Timer

Camera Utilities

Multi Select


Offline Storage
for Media

Zoom and View




Video Series


Social Media


Functional Components - Middle Ware

  • - Media Upload (Video and Images)
  • - On Demand Streaming
  • - Live Streaming
  • - 360o Videos Streaming
  • - Compression and Conversion
  • - Views, likes and Comments
  • - Subscription Engine - DRM
  • - Advertisement Engine
  • - User Profile
  • - Authentication and Authorization
  • - Groups and Events
  • - Feeds-Media, Posts, Activities
  • - Friends and Followers

Cloud Components

What We Can Do For You

Multi Device Distribution

The media content can be delivered across Desktop and Mobile Devices. The platform provides extended applications for Web, iOS, Android and Windows

Cloud Ready

The platform is built on top of AWS components for Digital Media. Amazon S3 for storage, Cloud Front for distribution, Lambda and Elastic Transcoder for conversion, Amazon EC2 for scalable deployment and Wowza media engine for live streaming.

On demand and Live Streaming

OptiStream renders on demand videos and live videos without any time lapse. The streaming is effected with proper encoders, taking care of resolution and codecs. The configurable aspects of the platform enable the administrators to choose various resolution and codec standards suitable for specific needs

360 and VR Videos

The video player and uploader on Web and mobile application streams 360o and VR videos seamlessly. Player level customizations are rendered on Web, iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Business Specific Middleware

OptiStream enables developing the business functions using a custom Middleware application built on Node JS. The middleware enables building of business specific use cases like Loyalty Programs, Subscriptions, Social Sharing, Messaging, Event Management, Digital Rights Management, Advertisements etc.

Client Applications

The Multiple Client applications – Angular JS web, iOS Native, Android Native, Windows Native and Cross Platform Client applications provides the choice for businesses to strategize the content delivery across multiple devices. Customized User Interface can be built on any or all of the platforms that seamlessly integrate with middleware exposed as Restful API services