Transformation is the law of life - Go Digital!

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Every industry and every organization is transforming itself into a digital platform for past few years. Be it Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education and what not. There has been a fundamental paradigm shift. The time is ripe for Work and Travel to go Digital.

Why should work & Travel industry fall back? Are you not digital yet?

Majority of the participants being millennials, Digital transformation framework helps you to efficiently re-engineer your business process with tools that sync with their behavior. For work and Travel industry as such, Digital Technology provides easy access to information, improved communication that enhances service delivery.

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Clogged by Paper Work? Go Digital and Go Green!

Experience the power of our full blown Online Platform that automates your Work and Travel Programs.

What is dWAT?

Digital Work and Travel is an online platform to automate the business process workflow between sending organizations, participants, employers and receiving organizations involved in work and travel industry. It provides a distributed and collaborative framework for these stakeholders on a real-time basis. dWAT speeds up the participant application processing, publishing jobs, and automatically matches the available jobs to qualified participant profiles based on a robust inbuilt job matching algorithms.