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OptiSol Azure Application Modernization:

Digital Transformation

with Low Cost of Ownership

  • Cloud Enablement
  • App Modernization
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Appcelerate
  • Managed DevOps

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73% reduced infrastructure cost | 6X faster release cycles | 83% reduced outsourcing cost

OptiSol helps enterprises craft digital strategies based on the existing IT landscape, and helps achieve transformation that is future ready. Our Microsoft Digital Team can help you rationalize and accelerate your cloud adoption using Microsoft Azure. Our flexible engagement models allow us versatility in partnering in the most optimal delivery paradigm with our clients.

Lift and Shift

Refactor / Rearchitect

Cloud Native

Status Quo

  • Increasing Capex on infra related expenditures
  • Longer ROI timeline
  • Already in cloud but only leveraging cloud as an infrastructure.
  • Looking for Scale, Efficiency and Code portability
  • To build a future proof app development ecosystem
  • To drive Innovation


  • Quickly deploy the application in cloud as app services.
  • DB connection through Azure Managed Services
  • Decompose the code into multiple com ponents or microservices.
  • Build Middleware by extending your existing application as APIs.
  • Hook up with new frontend
  • Establish CI / CD Pipeline to bring in efficiency.
  • Develop Cloud Native Application using Microsoft Azure PaaS
  • Serverless with Container Orchestration


  • 0 to 3 Months
  • 3 to 6 Months
  • 8 to 18 Months

Check out how we assisted an UK based global distribution system
in migrating from an On Prem to Azure Cloud.

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